Prairie feed grain price on the rise

WINNIPEG – Feed grain prices have been on the upswing recently, according to Nelson Neumann of Agfinity in Stony Plain, Alta.

“We saw them at the end of last week, the beginning of this week really jump up. Guys were scrambling to get stuff in before road bans,” Neumann commented.

He attributed the increased prices to the lingering cold weather that plagued the Prairies over the last several weeks. As cattle ate more feed to keep warm.

Feed barley on Thursday was upwards to C$270 per tonne in the Lethbridge area, he said. However, wheat was substantially less, in the mid C$250’s per tonne range.

Feed prices from Prairie Ag Hotwire listed barley as low as C$193 per tonne delivered across Western Canada. The highs ranged from C$211 in Saskatchewan, to C$218 per tonne in Manitoba, and C$256 per tonne in Alberta.

Wheat, also delivered, was C$228 per tonne in Manitoba and from C$193 to C$220 per tonne in Saskatchewan. Alberta had better pricing, at C$209 to C$265 per tonne.

“I’m inclined to think the market will cool off in a bit,” Neumann said.

Corn imports from the United States have been continuing, with the bulk of them going to ‘feedlot alley’ in Lethbridge.

“Corn pricing fell, but so did the Canadian dollar at the same time. Kind of balanced it out,” he said.

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