AGT’s Al-Katib to head up national food strategy table

AGT Food and Ingredients Inc. president Murad Al-Katib will chair the federal government’s National Agri-Food Strategy Roundtable.  

The economic strategy tables are part of Ottawa’s Innovation and Skills Plan to create jobs by investing in high-growth sectors in which Canada has a competitive advantage.

Each table will comprise approximately 15 members and be chaired by a business leader.

They will set growth targets for Canadian agriculture and food, identifying sector-specific challenges.  

“Canada’s historical position as a leader in agriculture and food is well documented,” Al-Katib said.

“The strategy roundtable is all about the future of our sector and our ability to truly establish Canada as the driver in the world in providing safe, reliable and environmentally sustainable agricultural products, food and ingredients to the world.

“Society faces the challenge to feed almost 10 billion people by 2050 with income growth in Asia and other emerging markets creating a real opportunity for Canada.

“The global race to protein is on and we will work to ensure that Canada is the first stop on the global protein highway. The integration of our world class research, farmers, processors and exporters into an efficient and reliable supply chain is certain to assist Canada in realizing the economic benefits of the billions of dollars of growth that are available to it by seizing the global food opportunity.

“I am excited and honored to participate and lead this initiative.”

Each table will present a report of its findings and recommendations by next summer. They will support the government’s goal of doubling the number of high-growth Canadian companies to 28,000 from 14,000 by 2025.


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