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4-H Ontario  winners announced

4-H Ontario announced the provincial winners of the 2020 Go For The Gold competition held in October.

This year’s event was completely virtual including the provincial, regional and local levels with 295 members participating.

4-H hosted all the games using the Kahoot gaming platform, and members answered questions consisting of multiple choice, short answer, true and false and pop-up photo ID/word scrabble questions.

The 2020 provincial results are:

  • first — Stormont
  • second — Wellington
  • third — Oxford
  • fourth — Peterborough
  • fifth — Grey

Farm safety receives funding

The federal government plans to invest $4.9 million to better protect the health and safety of British Columbia farm workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The money is being delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation (IAF) of British Columbia under the federal Emergency On-Farm Support Fund.

Applications will be accepted through IAF’s portal from Oct. 27 to Nov. 17.

The money is for direct infrastructure improvements to living quarters and work stations, temporary or emergency housing, as well as personal protective equipment, sanitary stations, work stations and any other health and safety measures that safeguard the health and safety of Canadian and temporary foreign workers from COVID-19.

Contributions under the program will be cost-shared 50:50 with the applicants, up to $100,000, but an additional 10 percent will be provided to women, youth, visible minorities, Indigenous peoples, and persons with disabilities, amounting to a 60:40 split.

Fruit, vegetable sector receives funding

The federal government recently announced three new projects for fruit and vegetable growers totalling $387,000 under the AgriRisk Initiatives program.

  • Canadian Horticultural Council will receive $123,269 to conduct a risk assessment of the Ontario horticulture sector to support a producer-paid insurance product for horticultural producers.
  • Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers is receiving $225,000 to develop a risk management financial product for disease and insect infestations for greenhouses.
  • Association des producteurs maraichers du Québec will get $38,660 to develop a tool for growers to assess their vulnerability and take the necessary actions to address climate change.

Wheat commission re-elects directors

The Alberta Wheat Commission announced results of the 2020 nominations for directors following the Oct. 30 deadline.

In Region 2:

  • Hannah Konschuh from Cluny was re-elected by acclamation.
  • Justin Bell from Rosebud was re-elected by acclamation.

In Region 4:

  • Todd Hames from Marwayne was re-elected by acclamation.
  • Shawn Jacula from Vermilion is newly elected by acclamation.
  • Additionally, the nomination period included nominations for AWC regional representatives.

In Region 2:

  • Devin Hartzler from Didsbury has been re-elected by acclamation.

AWC seeks two more regional representatives to fill vacant positions in region two and all three positions remain vacant in region four.


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