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Hogs steady

U.S. hog prices were mostly steady last week.

Hog numbers should begin to taper off seasonally as colder temperatures slow animal weight gains.

Weights and supplies are approaching where they were a year ago, but processors may continue to allow for heavy animals as long is it does not negatively impact their margins, a Midwest dealer told Reuters news agency.

Grocers have concluded ham buying for the winter holidays and are gearing up to feature beef, analysts said. Iowa-southern Minnesota hogs delivered were US$65 per hundredweight Nov. 28, steady from $64.50-$65 Nov. 21.

U.S. hogs averaged $85.35 on a carcass basis Nov.28, up slightly from $85.11 Nov.21. The U.S. pork cutout dropped to $93.14 per cwt. Nov. 28, down from $93.39 Nov. 21.

The estimated U.S. weekly slaughter for the week to Nov. 29 was 1.991 million, down from 2.232 million the previous week.

Slaughter was 2.056 million last year at the same time.

Bison unchanged

The Canadian Bison Association said Grade A bulls in the desirable weight range were as high as C$4.55 per lb. hot hanging weight.

Grade A heifers sold up to $4.35.

Animals outside the desirable buyer specifications may be discounted.

At the Canadian National Show and Sale in Regina Nov. 25, industry optimism was reflected by a sale average of $4,819, up more $2,000 from the 2013 average of $2,769.

At the Nov. 21 Vold, Jones & Vold Auction, 400 lb. 2014 bulls sold for $3.30 per lb., 600-800 lb. bulls sold for $2.80-$2.90 and 2013 heifers 450– 680 lb. sold for $2.20 -$2.30.

Lambs steady to higher

Beaver Hill Auction in Tofield, Alta., reported 919 sheep and 93 goats sold Nov. 24.

Wool lambs lighter than 54 lb. were $200-$249 per cwt., 55-69 lb. were $221-$248, 70-85 lb. were $215-$237, 86-105 lb. were $190-$215 and 106 lb. and heavier were $176-$200.

Wool rams were $53-$118 per cwt. Cull ewes were $47-$72.50 and bred ewes were $120-$160 per head.

Hair lambs lighter than 54 lb. were $160-$195 per cwt., 55-69 lb. were $165-$190, 70-85 lb. were $180-$200, 86-105 lb. were $176-$195 and 106 lb. and heavier were $160-$177.

Hair rams were $52-$110 per cwt. Cull ewes were $49-$80.

Feeder kids lighter than 60 lb. were $170-$195. Good kid goats lighter than 70 lb. were $190-$225. Those heavier than 70 lb. were $190-$230 per cwt.

Nannies were $45-$70 per cwt. Billies were $100-$130.

Ontario Stockyards Inc. reported 1,688 sheep and lambs and 136 goats traded Nov. 24. Light lambs sold steady with heavy types trading slightly higher. Sheep sold $5 cwt. higher. Goats sold at a premium.

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