Pulses: USDA purchases beans for domestic food programs

By Commodity News Service Canada

Winnipeg, October 2 (CNS) – The USDA has purchased US$13.4 million in pinto beans, US$9.4 million in small red beans, and US$5.9 million in red kidney beans for use in children’s nutrition programs and related domestic food assistance programs, according to the Northwest Bean Growers Association.

Lentils markets for the most part held steady over the weekend topping out at 45 cents per pound for french green lentils, according to the latest information from the Prairie Ag Hotwire.

Green peas as well hung on at $8.50 per bushel.

Chickpeas held steady ranging from 36 cents per pound for desi varieties to 70 cents per pound on large caliber kabulis.

Pinto beans in Manitoba declined one cent and are now selling at 27 cents per pound.

Black beans in Manitoba rose one cent and are now sitting at 40 cents per pound.


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