Pulse Report: Manitoba pea harvest complete

By Commodity News Service Canada

Sept. 12 (CNS Canada) – Field pea harvest in Manitoba is complete, according to Manitoba Agriculture’s latest crop report issued Sept. 11. Yields were reported to be above the long-term average in the southwest and at 50 to 90 bushels/acre in the central region.

For dry, edible beans, early types are being harvested with yield reports coming in at 1,800-2,000 pounds per acre for pintos and cranberry beans at 2,000 lb. or more per acre.

Total lentil area harvested in the United States this year is estimated by the United States Department of Agriculture at 1.017 million acres as of Sept. 1, 2017 compared to 908,000 acres in 2016. However, yield appears to be down at 733 pounds per acre, compared to 1,397 in 2016. Overall U.S production is estimated at 7.46 million cwt, compared to 12.69 million cwt a year ago. The report, released Sept. 12, did not distinguish between lentil types.

The US pea crop was also down on the year, despite an increase in acres. Total production was estimated at 15.37 million cwt, which compares with 27.74 million in 2016.

The dry bean condition continues to fall slightly for North Dakota dry, edible beans with 52 per cent of the crop now rated as good to excellent, down two per cent from a week ago.
In Michigan, 38 per cent of the dry bean crop is rated good to excellent and 34 per cent is rated poor to very poor.
Dry beans in Nebraska are rated 59 per cent good to excellent and 22 per cent poor to very poor. Minnesota dry beans rate 71 per cent good to excellent.


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