Global Markets: Right choice made with AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine says task force

Compiled by Glen Hallick, MarketsFarm

WINNIPEG, May 14 (MarketsFarm) – The following is a glance at the news moving markets in Canada and globally.

– Canadians who received the AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine made the right choice, according to Dr. David Naylor of the national COVID-19 Immunity Task Force. “The risks were obvious, with scores of Canadians dying every week and many more hospitalized, including those with illness severe enough to require intensive care and mechanical ventilation,” Naylor stated in an email to the media on Thursday. His comments came after a number of provinces ceased providing the vaccine due to supply issues and its risk of blood clots. To date, there have been 18 Canadians who suffered from clots due to the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine, with three deaths. The risk of clotting was initially estimated by the task force at one in 250,000, but was lowered to one in 100,000. However the Ontario Science Table calculated the risk at one in 55,000.

– Israeli artillery and air strikes continued to pound targets in Gaza, ahead of what is thought to be an impending invasion by ground troops, according to reports on Friday. The bombardment raised the death toll to 119 people with 830 injured. The United Nations estimated more than 200 homes and two dozen schools have been reduced to rubble since Israel began its strikes five days ago. Rocket and drone attacks launched by Hamas have killed nine Israelis. As well, violence between Jews and Arabs continued for a fourth night in Lod, Beersheba and Haifa. The Israeli Defence Forces have called up thousands of reservists and cancelled all leave for regular personnel, an indication it’s moving to a war footing.

– Traffic on the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tenn. continued to back up for a fourth consecutive day after a severe crack in the Hernando De Soto Bridge was discovered during a maintenance check. Officials have yet to determine when the nearly 50-year-old bridge on Interstate 40 will reopen or when river vessels could be allowed to pass by. As of Friday, 49 vessels and 802 barges were backed up on Mississippi with the number to keep rising.


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