Feed Grains: Russian barley exports rising

By Commodity News Service Canada

Winnipeg – Following are a few highlights in the Canadian and world feed grains markets on Monday, November 27.
Prices for feed barley in Manitoba are holding steady, according to the latest information from the Prairie Ag Hotwire. Bids are listed as C$3.50 to $3.55 per bushel.
Oat prices in Alberta rose eight cents last week and are going for C$2.40 to C$3.16 per bushel.
Feed barley bids in the key cattle feeding area of
Lethbridge, Alta. were in the C$215 to C$221 per tonne range

as of November 24, which was up a few dollars compared to
the previous week, according to the latest pricing information
from the provincial government. Feed wheat prices came in at
C$220 to C$225 per tonne in Lethbridge, which were four to five dollars higher than the previous week.
Corn futures at the Chicago Board of Trade fell three cents to start the week. Futures ticked lower in technical trading amid a lack of fresh news. Corn also felt the downward pull of spillover losses in other markets.
Corn prices in North Dakota fell three cents over the past week and are going for C$3.14 to C$3.50 a bushel.
Demand for Russian barley seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. According to a report on grainboard.ru, Russia exported three million tonnes of barley this year and received prices that were 20 percent higher, on average, than last year.
A lack of moisture in Kansas, Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle has some growers worried about next year’s crop. According to the National Weather Service all three areas have seen below-normal rainfall in the past month. The potential formation of a La Nina weather pattern could bring above-normal temperatures to much of the Midwest and U.S. Southern Plains over the next three months.


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