Feed Grains: Japan to import feed wheat and barley

By Commodity News Service Canada

Winnipeg, Nov. 22 (CNS) – Following are a few highlights in
the Canadian and world feed grains markets on Wednesday, Nov.

Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture announced it plans to
import 380 tonnes of feed wheat and 7,560 tonnes of barley for
livestock feed, using a simultaneous buy and sell auction which
closed Wednesday, according to Reuters. The ministry had
previously sought 120,000 tonnes of feed wheat and 200,000
tonnes of feed barley to be loaded by the end of January and

arrive in Japan by the end of February.

Grain farmers in New Zealand are urging dairy farmers to
ease up on feeding their cattle imported palm kernel expeller
(PKE) in favour of New Zealand-grown grains, according to
NZFarmer.co.nz. But the fact that PKE is cheaper at NZD$264 per
tonne compared to wheat at NZD$375 and barley NZD$385, makes PKE
a more enticing choice.

Feed wheat and feed wheat prices held steady over the last
day across Western Canada, according to the Prairie Ag Hotwire.
Feed barley prices are at C$3.75 per bushel in Saskatchewan,
C$3.55 per bushel in Manitoba and C$4.62 per bushel in Alberta.
Feed wheat prices are at C$4.90 per bushel in Saskatchewan and
C$5.99 per bushel in Alberta.


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