Horn tax continues in B.C.

SMITHERS, B.C. British Columbia cattle producers have agreed to continue charging a horn tax.

The horn levy of $10 per head of cattle sold with horns is collected and managed by a committee that disperses the funds for special projects.

Three projects costing about $7,000 were approved last year, said Linda Allison during the B.C. Cattlemen’s Association annual meeting held in Smithers, May 31-June. 2.

A resolution to end the levy was defeated.

Those debating the motion said administration costs are going up and some producers questioned whether those fees might surpass what is collected. Others wondered if the levy is still necessary since most people remove horns or breed polled cattle.

Those in favour of maintaining the levy said it promotes better animal welfare because cattle are still appearing with bruises and other damage from horns.

“It is not only an animal health issue, it is a safety issue with the people who are handling these cattle,” said delegate Brian Thomas.

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