Feed rule changes now open for comment

Changes to federal feed regulations are on their way and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has opened its plans to public comment until Nov. 15.

The Feed Regulatory Modernization document gives an overview of proposed changes and their potential economic impacts. The last comprehensive review of the feed regulations occurred in 1983.

Animal feed stakeholders affected by the changes include livestock feed manufacturers, ingredient manufacturers, feed retailers, livestock producers, producer association groups, veterinary associations and other government agencies.

In its notice of the comment period, the CFIA said it wants to gauge support for the proposed changes. It specifically notes an effort “to validate potential economic impacts of the proposed regulatory changes, especially with respect to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Among the proposals is to require feed establishments to identify all biological, chemical and physical hazards associated with feed and determine if they present risk of contamination. They would be required to have a preventive control plan, according to proposals.

Changes to licensing, traceability, record keeping and labelling for commercial feed mills are also among the proposals. However, some changes would also apply to on-farm feed mills.

Feed ingredient importers and exporters will also be affected by new regulations, the CFIA said.

Fact sheets itemizing the proposals can be found at www.inspection.gc.ca/animal-health/livestock-feeds/consultations/fact-sheets/eng/1601317514882/1601317636003?chap=0.


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