More to canola than variety

Don’t forget about the revenue side of the business when making decisions on the farm, producers were advised last week.

“One thing that gets dropped all the time when you’re picking varieties is the marketing side, the revenue side of the business,” Derek MacLean of Northstar Agri Industries told Agri-Trend’s 2014 Farm Forum Event.

“A lot of times, we’re really focused on the seed company or retailer saying, ‘this is the variety, here’s the disease pack, here’s the yield, here’s the height.’ What I want to do is challenge everyone to really start looking at the revenue side of the equation.”

Clint Jurke, an agronomy director for the Canola Council of Canada, said producers need to apply all of the inputs that canola requires if they want to maximize profitability. These include the fertility package, appropriate seed stands and the latest in hybrid genetics.

“We’re aware that not all growers have enough plant stands to influence their yield potential,” Jurke said.

He also said growers are losing more canola out the back end of their combine than they may realize. Focusing on these two issues means growers will “stand a better chance of maximizing their profitability.”

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