Like a fine-toothed comb, with precision teeth

HANNOVER, Germany — Designed to help organic farmers keep weeds at bay and reduce pesticide use on other farms, the new Horsch Cura ST was launched at Agritechnica.

This three-point hitch harrow comes in widths ranging from 18 to 50 feet and comprises a six bar design with tine spacing of 1.1 inches.

The support pressure of the harrow tines is continuously hydraulically adjustable. Every harrow tine can be charged with a pressure ranging from one to 11 pounds and maintains almost the same force for the whole spring deflexion. Another benefit is that every tine is fastened individually and efficiently secured against being pushed to the side, meaning they can be easily changed if necessary.

The machine at the show was a 36 foot version with a retail price of around $40,000.

The Cura12 ST provides hydraulic control over the tine pressure for each rank while using springs to keep even tension on each tine. The tall frame allows for trash or plant clearance and long tines for harrowing activity in weed control. | Chris McCullough photo

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