Cowboy Logic hits small screen

There’s a lot of crossover between work and pleasure here on the ranch, and that’s a good thing. We have horses on the place for work, but they’re also a pleasure to ride. Life is good when the things you use to make a living also help you have a life. When I bought my […] Read more

When cat food drives raccoons — and cowboys — crazy

Our boys enjoyed a series of books for awhile that had titles like Who Would Win? Tarantula vs. Scorpion or Who Would Win? Komodo Dragon vs. King Cobra? They had a lot of animal education, some drama and a showdown, which was a fitting read for the Taylor boys. We’re working on what might be […] Read more

Music good for brain, pleases ears

The hills are alive with the sound of music again this year on the ranch. And beyond the hills as well. In the last two weeks, we’ve attended a violin recital, a band concert, a piano recital and a choral performance to test the acoustics of our school gym and two churches. Our kids have […] Read more

Big, mean cows can make small gifts

It’s been quite a year to be in the cattle business. I’m not trying to brag, but I’m sure not complaining either. It’s the kind of year where you can update equipment, pay down debt, put a little money away and prepare for a day when the markets aren’t so rosy.  We had enough to […] Read more

Extra hands always appreciated at the ranch or community hall

“Many hands make light work,” goes the old saying. We’ve probably all heard or lived those words. It comes from an old English playwright named Heywood, Google tells me, but it’s as true today as it was in 1546. I thought about it when I was folding and unfolding chairs for a township officers meeting, […] Read more

Quick tanning, or at least a light shade of pink

It’s not straw hat season for cowboys in North Dakota, but I’m digging my straw cowboy hat out of storage this week as I travel to a warmer clime. As it turns out, my presence in Mexico has been requested by someone I don’t like to deny — my mother-in-law. She’s not requesting I travel […] Read more

Too much oomph sends oil flying

It struck me the other day, when a hose on my rake broke and I lost 10 gallons of hydraulic fluid in the blink of an eye, that maybe less is more. The rake probably had some hoses that weren’t good enough, but maybe the tractor had a hydraulic pump that was too good. I […] Read more

North Dakota bike tour gives cyclists taste of small town life

I’ve spoken, spun ropes and shared Cowboy Logic with a lot of different people around the country. I’ve been in front of farmers and bankers, cowboys and pastors, chambers of commerce, bird watchers, dentists, engineers and numerous associates of various associations. Anyone and everyone can appreciate a little Cowboy Logic, especially if they’ve just had […] Read more

Pudgy happy to be on solid ground after visit to big city vet

Being a dog on the Taylor Ranch may not be the easiest life, but if you’re an energetic, adventurous sort of a pup, most would bark in agreement that it’s a pretty darn good life. These days, our family has a lanky Black Labrador cross “friendly neighbour” dog we call Pudgy. He looks like a […] Read more