Cowboy Logic hits small screen

There’s a lot of crossover between work and pleasure here on the ranch, and that’s a good thing.

We have horses on the place for work, but they’re also a pleasure to ride.

Life is good when the things you use to make a living also help you have a life. When I bought my last iPad, I knew it was another tool with a lot of crossover potential.

I bought a little keyboard for it and I’ve typed a bunch of columns out on it while I’ve travelled.

Plenty of non-work is logged onto the iPad, too. I do a lot of reading on it — some books but mostly newspapers. The kids have watched a few movies and our little girl discovered she likes YouTube music videos, especially from a couple of young ladies named Lennon and Maisy.

They were young enough to directly relate to my daughter, considering that Maisy was six years old in one of the first videos she found. It had more than two million views.

When they sang Call your Girlfriend, complete with claps and cups, they got 27 million views.

There’s a quick advertisement before the songs play on YouTube, which gave me an idea. Maybe I could make a little extra money with my iPad and its integrated video camera.

I could do it myself, no film crew needed with the “selfie” video option and my iPad balanced atop a fencepost or the pickup dashboard out in the pasture. Cowboy Logic could hit the YouTube, and rake in some advertising dollars to buy the children new shoes for school.

Granted, it’s a crowded field. Three hundred hours (yes, hours) of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute (yes, minute).

No wonder tractors need auto steer technology so that fields can stay straight while tech-savvy farmers watch YouTube videos on mobile devices.

They even have videos for us up and coming YouTube “creators” on how to “monetize” our content in the YouTube “ecosystem.” It’s the one place where going “viral” is positive. I’d cry if my cattle herd went viral, but it’s aerial fist pumps if my video goes viral.

Most of the videos on my YouTube channel are minute-and-a-half long pieces I’ve done for a show called AgWeek TV. Go ahead, search out “Ryan Taylor Cowboy Logic” and give them a click. My last upload has 127 views so it’s going to take a while to reach Lennon and Maisy status, and associated ad monetization.

In the meantime, I’m going to step away from the screen, get outside and make sure my cattle don’t go viral. Looks like the calf check is going to outperform my YouTube channel this year, and I’m fine with that.

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