Morris introduced its new Quantum drill at Ag In Motion, billing it as a seeding machine with a possible double-duty future as a cultivator.  The morning demo featured the cultivator component.  The afternoon demo featured the drill component.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Driller and tiller: seeder has heavy-duty ideas

LANGHAM, Sask. — The new dual purpose Morris Quantum was demonstrated at this summer’s Ag In Motion farm show as both a seed drill and an experimental cultivator. In the 11 a.m. cultivation demonstration on each day of the show, an experimental version of the Quantum did a pass outfitted with 16-inch sweeps and a […] Read more

50 years after the first Gators roamed the Prairies, Agco has introduced three new three-wheelers plus one new four-wheeler.   Owners can now choose among six different dry product applicators.  |  Agco photo

New TerraGator C Series offers choices

It’s been 50 years since Gator was introduced, and it’s still going strong with new three-wheel and four-wheel models

The new Challenger TerraGator C floaters have come a long way since the first TerraGators roamed the Prairies a half-century ago. The Series C are still the technology leaders, according to Agco. The C Series includes three new three-wheel models, the TG7300C, TG8300C and the TG9300C. The series also includes one new four-wheel model, the […] Read more

Salford gives precise control to granular spread by using a left/right division, individual spinner control and controlled multi-fin dividers. Until recently, the term “spinner spreader” was not heard in conjunction with the term “precision farming.” But more companies are upgrading their control technology to put a new spin on the word  “spreader.” |  Salford photo

Sniper spinner spreader provides swath control

We haven’t normally associated spinner spreaders with precision farming, until recently. More spreader manufacturers are employing new technology so growers can apply high granular volumes with precise accuracy. The Salford Group says its new BBI Sniper spinner spreader delivers targeted dry fertilizer rates at swath widths up to 120 feet. Like all variable rate spreaders, […] Read more

This crop of hard red spring wheat was seeded to achieve a 34 plant per sq. foot stand near Milestone, Sask.  |  Michael Raine photo

How much seed do you really need?

The traditional adage of 1.4 million viable wheat plants per acre (32 viable plants per sq. foot) has just failed a crucial test under the scrutiny of cereal specialists at North Dakota State University. In field trials that wrapped up the fourth week of August, NDSU research agronomist Joel Ransom found that in fields with […] Read more

The Precision Inflation system is compatible with all ISOBUS screens, giving the operator realtime information on the status of all tires on the system.  |  Precision Inflation photo

High p.s.i. in transit, low p.s.i. in the field

Agricultural tires roll easy and stay cool roading; then they get dirty in the field without crushing it

LANGHAM, Sask. — Bigger, faster and heavier are the words to describe the trend in farm equipment both on the road and in the field. But bigger, faster and heavier puts tremendous demands on tires. The solution to the problem has been obvious since the first pneumatic tires went on tractors 90 years ago: inflate […] Read more

The technology permitting high air pressure in transit and low air pressure in the field will eventually spread to all sizes of ag tires, says Michelin rep Mike Pantaleo.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Michelin rolls out two new tires at Ag In Motion

LANGHAM, Sask. — Growers know that engineering advances in machinery are only as good as the tires that put traction to the terrain. With that in mind, Michelin debuted two new tires at the Ag In Motion farm show held near Langham earlier this summer. Michelin showed its AxioBib2, a new engineering concept that lets […] Read more

Amazone pull-type sprayers have a re-circulation system that prevents product from sitting idle in the boom or at the nozzles. The two axles have independent steering, hydraulic suspension, air-drum brakes and the machine has the ability to transfer four tonnes of trailer weight to the rear of the tractor.  |  Amazone photo

Pull-type sprayers make a comeback

LANGHAM, Sask. — A 12,000 litre tank capacity combined with the most advanced sprayer technology might prompt a comeback for pull-type sprayers. The obvious advantage of pull-type sprayers has always been gallonage. There are a number of companies around the globe actively developing, building and promoting giant new pull-type sprayers all the way up to […] Read more

Many combine fires can be prevented by keeping dust off hot turbo and exhaust surfaces, which is what this kit from South Dakota accomplishes with a fan funnelling filtered air into a shroud surrounding the exhaust system.  |  Daniel Humburg photo

Filtered air won’t fan combine sunflower fires

A new system from South Dakota prevents the conditions that allow sunflower combine fires to get started in the first place

Sunflower debris in a combine ignites at temperatures 20 to 30 C lower than corn or soybean residue. However, most crops harvested in hot, dry weather can set your combine afire. Armed with this fact, engineers at South Dakota State University developed an air filtration kit they think will prevent most combine fires that start […] Read more

Big pull-type benefits weighed against normal self-propelled

That Nozzle Guy, Tom Wolf, says fill frequency is just as important as sprayer speed and width when it comes to penciling our sprayer productivity. Wolf’s Productivity Calculator on his website,, allows producers to plug in their own numbers to help make better spray decisions specific to their own farm. “The Productivity Calculator and […] Read more

The new Demco 22-series grain carts feature a 22-inch diameter unload auger that empties the 1,330 bushel cart in less than two minutes.   Auger height adjusts from 11-feet, eight-inches up to 15-feet, seven-inches.  Demco rep Benji Vande Griend says prices on the new line will be available in November.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

New wagons and carts debut at outdoor show

LANGHAM, Sask. — Demco brought its new line of two-wheel 22-series grain carts and smaller four-wheel SS-series grain wagons to the Ag In Motion outdoor farm show. The 22-series carts feature a 20-inch horizontal mechanical drag in the bottom and a 22-inch unload auger capable of emptying the 1,330-bushel cart in less than two minutes, […] Read more