MegaMix can be used for a variety of farm applications, including creating these plantation rows with compost and sand. The eight-inch diameter auger not only moves the product in the bucket, but is also capable of mixing heavy materials like concrete.  |  Danuser photo

Multitasking Mega Mixer makes shovel obsolete

The Danuser Mega Mixer helps farmers scoop, mix, carry and dispense a wide variety of materials such as bag-mix concrete, livestock feed and manure. Mega Mixer is a three-quarter yard bucket with a hydraulically driven eight-inch diameter mix auger running side-to-side. The auger can dispense a full hopper of two-inch diameter rock in less than […] Read more

Finding out what kind of microbes are living in the soil may help producers determine overall soil health.  |  Getty illustration

It’s the little things in life that count

Microbes are the vehicles that transfer nutrients to plant roots in your fields. Counting these tiny living beings may give you a meaningful reading on the health and potential of your soil. As the science of soil becomes increasingly aware of the role microbes play, we’re seeing more commercial soil additives claiming to foster microbial […] Read more

Size matters, if you’re a raindrop

Weather services require more accurate data on raindrop size so that they can tell farmers exactly how much rain fell

It’s perplexing that the fiercest of thunderstorms with pounding rain sometimes leave very little water on the ground. It’s a question that’s puzzled researchers since the birth of climatology, and farmers for thousands of years before that. It’s a question Neil Fox wanted answered. To get those answers, the University of Missouri scientist turned to […] Read more

The Binrite camera technology from grain storage company GSI crosses over from Agco’s bigger farm division — machinery. The camera technology comes from the Fendt Ideal combine, where it determines how clean the sample is. In the bin systems it ensures that the right grain gets into the right bins.  |  Michael Raine photo

Stop grain elevator mixups

Picture this scene: a super-B signs in at the elevator with a load of peas, the driver proceeds to dump as instructed, and 1,000 bushels of peas end up in a 50,000 bu. designated soybean bin. That’s a bad mistake, and a costly one at that, enough to make some people shudder. However, it’s a […] Read more

Eroded knolls like one this typically grow little or nothing of economic consequence. They are a liability rather than an asset on your farm. Consider this: Soil scientists say the productive soil that once covered this knoll is probably down at the bottom of the slope, not far away. It’s close enough in fact that it can be dragged back up where it belongs so this knoll can once again at least grow average crops.  |  Don Flaten photo

140 percent yield bump on knolls

BRANDON — Moving soil from lowlands up to eroded knolls is the single most profitable soil management action you can take — more profitable than precision farming, drainage or irrigation. In Manitoba field trials, moving soil to the tops of knolls created yield increases of 40 to 140 percent in the first years after the […] Read more

Controlled traffic farming takes the tramline concept one step further by totally eliminating all tire traffic from 65 to 80 percent of the field.  Every implement track width must fit into a multiple of the chosen tramline width, which is easier said than done.  |  Bruce Barker photo

Controlled traffic farming in Alta.

Editor’s Note: Western Producer journalist Ron Lyseng took an in-depth look at Alberta’s now completed controlled traffic project and report and has provided his analysis. Controlled traffic farming is similar to the time-proven tramline concept, except that CTF takes it all one important road forward. All equipment tires must follow exactly same paths in the […] Read more

Grow wheat on shale

Twenty bushels of wheat per acre isn’t impressive, but if that piece of ground had a long history of giving you zero bu., then all of a sudden it is significant. That’s how Dallas Timmerman feels about his knoll rehabilitation program. Timmerman farms at Treherne, Man., an area where tops of the eroded hills expose […] Read more

Pat Scherman and son Trevor got the idea for their ScherGain Solution System while arguing about combine settings out in the field.  They finally agreed they were wasting their energy arguing when they should instead concentrate their efforts on devising a system for safely collecting grain loss data.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Simplified drop pan reduces combine losses in field

Seed for the ScherGain magnetic drop pan concept can be traced back to a father and son argument out in a field in western Saskatchewan. Pat Sherman recalls that he and son Trevor were having one heck of an argument about which way to go with combine adjustments. The only thing they could agree on […] Read more

The Renn 1218 incorporates the bag wrapper into the extractor. The double re-wind system keeps the bag off the ground so it’s clean for the re-cycling process.  |  Renn photo

Grain bags: Rolling and recycling

Waste agricultural plastic, including grain bags, is attracting the evil eye of media outlets and the public. It’s easy to criticize massive piles of useless, used plastic. That’s why farmers and industry must jointly find a solution to the problem, a public relations dilemma and an environmental issue, says Rob Wierenga. The co-owner of Neeralta […] Read more

While vacationing in Holland, Siegert Wenning managed to save 13,000 bushels of IP canola that was binned 4,000 miles away on his Yorkton farm. He detected heating with his hand-held OPI Blue monitor. At the time, his canola was sold at $12 per bushel.  |  Laura Laing photo

Bin monitor makes money

If you save a 13,000 bushel bin of $12 canola, worth $156,000, you have more than paid for the price of a good monitoring system. That’s the conclusion Yorkton farmer Siegert Wenning arrived at last winter while vacationing in his homeland of Holland. Wenning grows 4,500 acres of canola, peas and oats annually. While in […] Read more