Gabriel Ribeiro and Jenna Sarich stand in front of their research cattle at the Livestock Forage Centre of Excellence near Clavet, Sask.  | Livestock Forage Centre of Excellence photo

Research studies maximum ergot tolerance

Researchers are working to answer a longstanding question: how can cattle producers manage ergot contamination in feedgrains? Ergot is a fungal disease that can affect cereal grains and produce a cocktail of toxins known as ergot alkaloids. Crops contaminated with ergot are typically diverted to animal feed markets, which can pose a significant risk to […] Read more

Cycling food waste toward livestock feed may seem like a noble approach to handling trash, but it’s not necessarily a safe practice.  | Getty Images

Should livestock be fed our leftovers?

Whether it be from supermarkets, restaurants or household kitchens, people throw away a lot of food. Or rather, they feed it to animals. In many countries such as Canada, close to 40 percent of total food loss comes from these later stages of the supply chain. While cycling food waste toward animal feed may seem […] Read more