Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, right, and Environment Minister Rochelle Squires announce funding for the first projects under the Growing Outcomes in Watersheds program.  |  Ed White photo

VIDEO: Man. funds first projects in conservation program

The Growing Outcomes in Watersheds program pays money toward ongoing environmental protection projects in agricultural areas

GLEN LEA, Man. — After so many years of hoping, conservation-minded farmers are on the cusp of seeing themselves being rewarded for being good stewards. While there have been many conservation projects and environmental programs that farmers have participated in, the roll-out of permanent funding for some farmer efforts is a joy for some to […] Read more

Canada talks trade with China at WTO

Canada and China are talking, and that’s a good thing for hopes of reopening the giant market. That’s the feeling of Brian Innes, Canola Council of Canada vice-president for public affairs, who is in Geneva, Switzerland, to observe the two countries’ “consultation” over China’s ban on canola imports from Canada. “We’ve seen good dialogue today […] Read more

Canadian exporters must move fast if they are to protect sales to Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership signatories, such as Japan, because the United States is moving to sign bilateral deals with those countries.  |  REUTERS/Yuya Shino photo

Canada must get serious about increasing trade with Asia

Whoever won the federal election (I’m writing this before the results are in), there will be no time for a victory lap or a long, defeated sobbing episode, at least for the International trade and foreign affairs ministers, old and maybe new. Canada has a tiny window of opportunity to try to defend some new […] Read more

Supporters watch the results come in at the Conservative leader Andrew Scheer's campaign headquarters during the federal election in Regina.  |  REUTERS/Carlos Osorio

Life in the afterglow of the commodity boom: Is this why we’re all so mad and raging?

Everybody wants somebody to blame. Better blame Mr CommoditiesCycle

It’s a truly dark time in Canada, with the rise of an angry, raging, denunciatory politics taking over this nation the way that it has been doing in the U.S. for a few years now. The federal election supplied ample evidence of this, with ill will and personal attacks hanging over the entire campaign. Beyond […] Read more

Canada doesn’t have to abandon its commitment to the rules-based international trading order just to survive in the new era of me-first politics.  |  REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker photo

Current trade environment not just an either/or scenario

At some point we might have to accept that this new trade reality is actually real. And we’ll have to react to that reality by changing the way we farm, act and interact with the rest of the world. That’s something quite a few Canadians are grappling with in light of the ongoing and no-end-in-sight […] Read more

Inge and Tim Meinen operate a 55-cow dairy farm in southeastern Manitoba.  |  Ed White photo

Family enjoys close interaction with animals

On the Farm: Couple moved from B.C. to Alberta to Manitoba, where they now live their dream on a dairy operation

LANDMARK, Man. — The Meinens have had to move between three provinces and three farms to arrive at this, their dream. But it’s all been worth it. “Going to the barn in the morning with two cups of coffee with me, despite whatever the weather is, and having that time with Tim in the barn […] Read more

New trade order called bad news for Canada

A new report says Canada and its farmers aren’t equipped to deal with a move away from the ‘liberal world order’

Farmers face a starkly worsened long-term world market for their crops and livestock, fears a Canadian agricultural economics analysis firm. And that means many basic assumptions of how farm markets and prices behave might have to be radically reconsidered. “Some of the assumptions of the liberal world order — price arbitrage and market clearing, preference […] Read more

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, left, and Paterson GlobalFoods President Andrew Paterson celebrate the announcement of the company’s $94 million oats processing plant.  |  Ed White photo

Paterson plans new oat plant for Manitoba

The $94-million processor will be able to mill 250,000 tonnes of raw oats per year, aimed at the U.S. consumer market

With almost a third of the crop sitting in the field under a cold October rain, it wasn’t the best day to be farming in eastern Manitoba. But Jenneth Johanson was feeling happy about the future, whatever happens this harvest. Her area just became a better place to grow and market oats. “It’s going to […] Read more

Many believe that the newly announced mill in Manitoba is a sign that the growing demand for the inherent qualities of oats will finally end up in tangible, farmgate demand.  |  File photo

VIDEO: New mill may bode well for future of oats on the Prairies

Farmers might not have been feeling it much, but the world wants their oats. And it’s going to want more and more in the future as “healthy” foods take over more of the consumer marketplace. That’s what’s behind a new oats mill announced for Winnipeg, some oat players say. “Putting a mill in the heart […] Read more

Growers might finally be getting over to the demand-pull side of the oat economy, in which demand begins chasing supply.  |  File photo

New oat plant in Manitoba will boost crop’s self-esteem

What does demand-pull look like? It looks like the $94 million oat-processing plant just announced for the western edge of Winnipeg. That 250,000 tonne per year plant, expected to be built by Paterson GlobalFoods beside its existing large elevator, is the way the market says that something has both value and potential. It’s the clearest […] Read more