Too many choices to make can be overwhelming for farmers because they can cause confusion, take too much time to explore and provoke anxiety.  |  Getty Images

Immediate action uncommon with farm stress

Anxiety and depression are the most seen mental health issues facing today’s farmers, but many don’t seek help till later

Farming is a stressful business, and 2020 is shaping up to be a doozy. A dry summer across a good part of the Prairies last year was followed by a delayed harvest due to excess moisture in fall. That led to poor yields and crop left unharvested over winter in some areas. Then came the […] Read more

Professionals specializing in the mental health field say they have noticed a shift in producers’ willingness to open up with someone who they can trust and who understands the issues facing farmers.  | Getty Images

Agricultural lifestyle called conducive to farm stress

The independent spirit that helps farmers cope with working in isolation can also make it more difficult to ask for help

The most important components of a farming operation are its people. “In agriculture, we always hear about the latest advances in technology and innovation, and we forgot about our people,” said Lesley Kelly, co-founder of the Do More Agriculture Foundation, an organization founded to deal with mental health issues facing farmers. “We should’ve been talking […] Read more

Lower than average resilience can pose risk for producers

Never has farming been under such high scrutiny as it is today. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the modern world has never needed agriculture more than it does today. Farmers bear the weight of the world as the main source of global food supplies. As a result, recent studies have concluded that suicide […] Read more

Kim McConnell, a longtime supporter of the 4-H movement, paid to build and erect a cairn in Hamiota, Man., in honour of the McConnell Beef Club.  |  Supplied photo

4-H movement inspires continuing loyalty

Many adults remain intense supporters of the organization long after they and their children leave active membership

Candace Tolton of Kenton, Man., has taken the 4-H motto of “learn to do by doing” to heart. She has worked her way up the ranks to become president of the Manitoba 4-H Council. Tolton’s road to 4-H began when her eldest daughter, Brooke, turned nine and was old enough to join their local multi-purpose […] Read more

Lacey Marshall, centre, her daughter, Maci, and sister, Jerry-Lynn Marshall, wear shirts from her custom Wildflower Stitchin’ brand.  |  Photo courtesy of Lacey Marshall

Man. woman turns grief into thriving business

A decision to teach herself how to sew western shirts like her late mother used to do leads to a thriving venture

Lacey Marshall of Rapid City, Man., started sewing slightly more than a year ago, compelled by her mom’s influence, her own determination, and the excitement of sharing a family tradition with her daughter. A desire to sew some shirts for herself and her daughter, Maci, has become full-blown business with her Wildflower Stitchin brand of […] Read more

Kelvin Dushnisky is chief executive officer of AngloGold Ashanti in Johannesburg.  |  AngloGold Ashanti photo

Farm boy from Manitoba hits the big time

Kelvin Dushnisky, who grew up on a farm near Birtle, now runs the third largest gold mining company in the world

No matter where life takes Kelvin Dushnisky, chief executive officer of AngloGold Ashanti in Johannesburg, South Africa, he still considers Manitoba his home. “I have lived in a few places but unequivocally when I am asked where I call home, the answer is Manitoba,” says Dushnisky. “I am very proudly Manitoban and I promote the […] Read more

Shane Brown helps his son, Slone, with his loop during the dummy roping event at last year’s event while Slone’s brother, Brock, and cousins Kesler and Carter Brown wait their turn. Sister Dally in the foreground.  |  Kelly McIntyre photo

Young cowboy’s legacy stays strong

Family and friends continue to gather to share Manitoba cattle producer’s passion for horses, kids, and rodeo

The legacy of Casey Brown lives on, as family and friends continue to share his passion for horses, kids and rodeo. The Lenore, Man.,-area cowboy and horseman was well known for passing along his know-how to the younger generation before the 34-year-old’s life was cut short in an automobile accident in 2011. The following year, […] Read more

Jack Houston, left and Jack Fleming participate in the Sharing Dance Seniors program led by Dana Routledge, recreation director and on-site facilitator at the Birch Lodge in Hamiota, Man.  |  Brenda Hunter photo

Power of dance tapped to help elderly

Personal-care facilities participate in study exploring how music and movement affect elderly and dementia patients

Communities in southwestern Manitoba have wrapped up the third phase of a research project studying the effects of music and movement in the elderly and in people living with dementia. The research was carried out as a joint project between Brandon University and Trent University in Peterborough, Ont., Five personal-care facilities were involved in the […] Read more

Jack Houston says he worries about what will happen when the last of the Second World War veterans die and no one is left to keep the memories alive.  |  Brenda Hunter photo

Veteran keeps D-Day stories alive

A 96-year-old man from Manitoba embraces every opportunity to talk about the Second World War and his experiences

Jack Haddow Houston, a veteran of the Second World War, turned 21 three days before the epic D-Day invasion of German-occupied France by Allied troops at Normandy on June 6, 1944. Earlier this month he turned 96 and celebrated the 75th anniversary of D-Day at his home in Birch Lodge in Hamiota, Man. He was […] Read more

Cait Bascom, Sam Mitchell, Ryan Kennedy, and Erin Thompson-Shields were in a battle to the finish in last year’s side-saddle race at the Calgary Stampede.  |  Ebbie Hansen/Rocken Zen Rodeo photo

Side-saddle racing returns to Stampede

Women ranging in age from their early 20s to 70 are expected to compete in the event’s second year in Calgary

For the second year running, side-saddle racing will be part of the 2019 Calgary Stampede. The field of eight women will race the entire track this year, following the evening chuckwagon races on July 5 and 6. “We’re looking forward to celebrating a very traditional style of riding, in a very high-adrenalin way,” said Calgary […] Read more