David and Jean Caldwell say they will miss the Prairies’ wide-open spaces and straight roads when they return to Scotland. | Supplied photo

Man. farmers make decision to return home

On the Farm: David and Jean Caldwell emigrated to Canada from Scotland in 1995 — now they’re moving back

For just over a quarter of a century, David and Jean Caldwell of Kenton, Man., have called Canada home. But by their own admission, their Scottish roots run deep, and on April 30, their life will come full circle as they head into retirement with a move back to their bonny homeland. The decision to […] Read more

Haley Johnston, Tyrell Hopp and their daughter, Avery, are beneficiaries of a treatment called bovine lipid extract surfactant.  |  Sara Miller/Sterling Images photo

Cattle give preemies a second chance at life

Extremely premature babies whose lungs aren’t fully developed can be treated with lung surfactant harvested from cattle

Little Avery Hopp of Birtle, Man., recently celebrated her second birthday. Like most two-year olds, the occasion was marked with much love and celebration from her family and friends as another milestone in her young life was reached. But unlike most other two-year-olds, for her parents, Haley Johnston and Tyrell Hopp, the celebration was a […] Read more

Corinne Newton describes her music as a traditional sound that lyrically, tells stories of prairie people. | Shelby Godick photo

Farmer’s songs capture life on the Prairies

Saskatchewan singer/songwriter celebrates an appreciation of the realities that are found on the Canadian Prairies

Farming and rural living are the driving forces behind singer/songwriter Corinne Newton (nee Mervyn), originally from the Strathclair, Man., area, who now lives and farms with her husband and two children on their century farm near Central Butte, Sask. Her latest release, a five-song extended play album, Real Life Reality, is an extension of her […] Read more

Mel Paton, left, visits with former employee Ernie Hansen as they unload a truck of wheat into the bin on the first day of harvest.  |Curt Paton photo

Sask. farmer takes off his 71st crop

Mel Paton, his two sons and their families farm 12,000 acres, a far cry from where he began as a 14-year-old in 1949

Mel Paton has been at this farming thing awhile now. At nearly 86 years old, his 71st harvest is in the bin. “It is one of the best crops I have grown and weather-wise, it’s been one of the best years, especially after last year,” said the veteran rancher and farmer. “But it can start […] Read more

Cassandra Lepp, the eldest of the two sisters, said they provide a clear and factual voice for the agricultural industry, and by incorporating their love of fashion, it also gives them a creative outlet. Their fashion photos provide them some contrast and reprieve from the physically demanding, sometimes tedious and dirty work of farming. | Screencap via Instagram/@thetulepp

Sisters use Instagram to share farm support message

Two sisters from Rivers, Man., are showing they are a force to be reckoned with in farming and fashion. But more importantly, they are increasing awareness on topics such as mental health and the agri-food industry, while empowering women and creating a positive space via their Instagram platform @thetulepps. “One of our goals with The […] Read more

Society has traditionally treated dying as taboo, which is what the organizers of Death Cafes are attempting to counter.  |  Getty Images

Death cafes help ease fear of dying

Manitoba death doulas hold discussion groups where people can share their personal experiences with dying and death

The Death Café approach to starting conversation about death and dying is a relatively new concept to hit southwestern Manitoba. Compassionate people like Christine Cross and Cathy Coulter of Virden are using their training to pioneer the movement in the area and to help make the experience informative and positive. Cross said a Death Café […] Read more

Tooke horses are still waiting their turn in the rodeo ring.  |  Ken Howie photo

Rodeo legend created ‘born to buck’

Feek Tooke single-handedly changed the face of the sport eight decades ago by breeding horses specifically for the ring

The loss of the Calgary Stampede this year and the cancellation of most fairs and rodeos due to COVID-19 have strained many pocket books. Rodeo stock contractors and cowboys rely on rodeos to make a living. However, the cancellations haven’t dulled the tenacity and spirit to produce great bucking horses. Jim Lawrence of Kennedy, Sask., […] Read more

Too many choices to make can be overwhelming for farmers because they can cause confusion, take too much time to explore and provoke anxiety.  |  Getty Images

Immediate action uncommon with farm stress

Anxiety and depression are the most seen mental health issues facing today’s farmers, but many don’t seek help till later

Farming is a stressful business, and 2020 is shaping up to be a doozy. A dry summer across a good part of the Prairies last year was followed by a delayed harvest due to excess moisture in fall. That led to poor yields and crop left unharvested over winter in some areas. Then came the […] Read more

Professionals specializing in the mental health field say they have noticed a shift in producers’ willingness to open up with someone who they can trust and who understands the issues facing farmers.  | Getty Images

Agricultural lifestyle called conducive to farm stress

The independent spirit that helps farmers cope with working in isolation can also make it more difficult to ask for help

The most important components of a farming operation are its people. “In agriculture, we always hear about the latest advances in technology and innovation, and we forgot about our people,” said Lesley Kelly, co-founder of the Do More Agriculture Foundation, an organization founded to deal with mental health issues facing farmers. “We should’ve been talking […] Read more

Lower than average resilience can pose risk for producers

Never has farming been under such high scrutiny as it is today. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the modern world has never needed agriculture more than it does today. Farmers bear the weight of the world as the main source of global food supplies. As a result, recent studies have concluded that suicide […] Read more