The Connect spray attachment built for the DOT autonomous agricultural robot has a 120-foot aluminum boom, a 1,600 U.S. gallon stainless steel tank, and a continuous flow boom. | Photo supplied by Connect

Sprayer built for autonomous ag platform

REGINA — Slightly less than a year after the DOT autonomous agricultural platform was shown to the public at the Ag In Motion Farm show, the first DOT compatible implement built by a “platform partner” is being tested. A newly formed company called Connect, which is closely affiliated with Pattison Liquid Systems, has produced a […] Read more

The pork industry has determined that a lot of consumers don’t know how to cook its product.  |  Getty images

Pork industry strives for consumer simplicity

National Pork Board in the United States works with meal kit providers to supply consumers with ready-to-cook products

DES MOINES, Iowa — People don’t know how to prepare and cook pork. So now the food and pork industries are preparing it for them and showing them how to cook it. The U.S. pork industry is working with “meal kit” providers to help supply ready-to-cook, pork-based ingredient packages to consumers’ doors. “It’s a great […] Read more

Agco’s Ideal combine debuted in North America for dealers ahead of the opening of Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina. Only dealers that qualify will handle the Fendt combine.  |  Michael Raine photo

Fendt grows in N.A. under Ideal conditions

REGINA — Turns out the Ideal combine is a Fendt. At least from an Agco perspective. After seven years of development Agco’s Ideal brand combine was released last fall at Agritechnica. The company developed the machine after consulting engineers, carrying out extensive producer polling and gathering input from around the world. The resulting machine will […] Read more

Mark Abt, senior radar technologist with Environment Canada, controls a parabolic radar antenna, which is 9.15 metres in diameter. It rotates once every 10 seconds and scans 17 elevations in six minutes. This larger dish provides more accurate and higher quality weather information compared to older techology of the previous Radisson, Sask., weather radar. |  William DeKay photo

A look inside a radar station

Photo Essay | The newly constructed, fully automated Radisson Radar, located near Radisson, Sask., provides critical weather information as part of Environment Canada’s reporting network. | William DeKay photos

Karen-Ann Moore, founder of the Triple S Ranch and Market Garden, stands with her son, Aidan Guerra, who has autism. He inspired her to create a farm that hires adults with autism.  |  Jeremy Simes photo

VIDEO: Alberta vegetable farm to hire adults with autism

When Karen-Ann Moore and her husband bought a quarter section of pastureland a little more than a decade ago, she soon realized she couldn’t have it all for herself. So, she began penning a business plan, one that involves something dear to her heart. She wanted to start a vegetable farm that hires adults with […] Read more

Lakeland College’s new livestock researcher, Obioha Durunna, will be doing projects to see how ranchers can save costs on feed.  |  Jeremy Simes photo

VIDEO: Alta. research takes aim at reducing feed costs

A lab test would make it easy for northern Alta. ranchers to see which animals give them more bang for their buck

Vermilion, Alta. — Ranchers in northeastern Alberta and northwestern Saskatchewan may find new ways to reduce feed costs, thanks to new research in the region. The research, partly spearheaded by Obioha Durunna of Lakeland College, aims to figure out which particular cattle in his trial herd get the best gains for the amount of feed […] Read more

Alberta Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier, left, Jenner, Alta., rancher Brad Osadczuk and federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay met March 25 at Osadczuk’s ranch to recognize the end of a bovine tuberculosis investigation that began in 2016.  |  Barb Glen photo

VIDEO: Bovine TB investigation in Alta. officially over

The tuberculosis scare in that province saw 11,500 cattle destroyed and cost governments up to $54 million

JENNER, Alta. — The investigation into Alberta cases of bovine tuberculosis has successfully concluded, but like many successes, it came at a high cost. Some 11,500 animals were destroyed in the Jenner region of southeastern Alberta, with only six found to be infected. Federal and provincial compensation provided to ranchers who lost their herds cost […] Read more

VIDEO: Top down not always the best management style

A study of successful companies found a key common characteristic: their founders, operators or managers were not running authoritarian regimes or inflexible systems

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — Many farms and family food companies are dominated by a strong patriarch, whose drive and determination place him unchallenged atop a steep pyramid of authority. But that’s not how the best and most successful food companies act, says an expert on Canada’s food industry growth and export leaders. “These leaders were […] Read more