Lakeland College’s new livestock researcher, Obioha Durunna, will be doing projects to see how ranchers can save costs on feed.  |  Jeremy Simes photo

VIDEO: Alta. research takes aim at reducing feed costs

A lab test would make it easy for northern Alta. ranchers to see which animals give them more bang for their buck

Vermilion, Alta. — Ranchers in northeastern Alberta and northwestern Saskatchewan may find new ways to reduce feed costs, thanks to new research in the region. The research, partly spearheaded by Obioha Durunna of Lakeland College, aims to figure out which particular cattle in his trial herd get the best gains for the amount of feed […] Read more

Alberta Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier, left, Jenner, Alta., rancher Brad Osadczuk and federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay met March 25 at Osadczuk’s ranch to recognize the end of a bovine tuberculosis investigation that began in 2016.  |  Barb Glen photo

VIDEO: Bovine TB investigation in Alta. officially over

The tuberculosis scare in that province saw 11,500 cattle destroyed and cost governments up to $54 million

JENNER, Alta. — The investigation into Alberta cases of bovine tuberculosis has successfully concluded, but like many successes, it came at a high cost. Some 11,500 animals were destroyed in the Jenner region of southeastern Alberta, with only six found to be infected. Federal and provincial compensation provided to ranchers who lost their herds cost […] Read more

VIDEO: Top down not always the best management style

A study of successful companies found a key common characteristic: their founders, operators or managers were not running authoritarian regimes or inflexible systems

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — Many farms and family food companies are dominated by a strong patriarch, whose drive and determination place him unchallenged atop a steep pyramid of authority. But that’s not how the best and most successful food companies act, says an expert on Canada’s food industry growth and export leaders. “These leaders were […] Read more

VIDEO: Barn burner

What goes up....

It was a resilient old barn that withstood the brutal lashings of prairie weather for decades. It was erected by John and Wilma Belcher north of Bield, Manitoba, along the south boundary of the Duck Mountain provincial park, and was the centre of the farm’s livestock operations. The first half of the barn was built […] Read more

Mark Wiebe talks to a neighbour while walking through the charred remains of his machine shop that fire destroyed March 19. The Osler, Sask., dairy farmer lost his sprayer, semi-tractor and super B trailer, feed wagon and feed truck, several tractors including a restored vintage tractor.  |  William DeKay photo

VIDEO: Fire destroys shop at Osler dairy farm

A fire in a machine shop at a dairy farm north of Osler, Sask., earlier this week is estimated to have caused $1.8 million in damage. Firefighters from nearby towns responded to the blaze in Mark Wiebe’s shop about 9 p.m. Monday March 19th. Fire departments from Warman, Osler, Martensville and Dalmeny fought the blaze […] Read more

Producers no longer have to go to paper maps or poor scans of soil maps in Saskatchewan.  |  File photo

VIDEO: Farmers gain access to improved soil information

Information on Saskatchewan soils collected throughout the 20th century by the provincial soil survey is readily available through a new online platform. The Saskatchewan Soil Information System (SKSIS) was launched during the University of Saskatchewan’s Soils and Crops meeting in Saskatoon by Angela Bedard-Haughn, head of the department of soil science at the U of […] Read more

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says many in Donald Trump’s administration are working to persuade the president not to kill the North American Free Trade Agreement.  |  Sean Pratt photo

VIDEO: U.S. farmers worry about trade war with China

ANAHEIM, Calif. — The segment of the electorate largely credited with bringing U.S. President Donald Trump to power is not thrilled with his trade policy. Farmers do not like his approach to the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership or his strong-arm tactics with China. The latest kafuffle came last week when Trump […] Read more

While making a case for getting rid of supply management, former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney says it can be done only if farmers are offered compensation that makes them “very happy.”  |  File photo

VIDEO: End supply management, spark a boom: Mulroney

Former prime minister says the move would create a boom for food processors and provide more affordable food for consumers

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is trying to convince Canadians to give up the supply management system. He says it would create a “boom” for food processors and provide more affordable food for consumers, but can only be done if farmers in the system are offered compensation that makes them “very happy.” He used a […] Read more