CETA proving hard to ratify in Europe

If Canada hadn’t already negotiated the CETA trade deal with the European Union, would we make such an attempt to do so today? Certainly, there would be skepticism. It took seven years and a lot of high-level energy to get the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement negotiated. The deal reduces 98 percent of the tariffs […] Read more

The science of division vs. the pursuit of truth

Is it just me, or is it getting harder to tell the difference between fact and fiction? Thanks to the internet and social media, we have more information and more opinions at our fingertips every day. But as the amount of information available to us increases, it takes more time and mental energy to sort […] Read more

Organic milk producers must be in compliance with protocols and standards set by the Canadian Organic Regulation.  |  File photo

Milk pricing system fair for everyone

A front-page story in a recent edition of the Toronto Star claimed to be an investigative report about milk in the grocery stores. While it is an interesting account of different practices of several dairy farmers, it comes to wrong and misleading conclusions that don’t do justice to the realities of conventional and organic milk, […] Read more

The measure of a farm economy

Farm shows measure the health of the regional industry. This is a statement I have been making for the past 15 years or so, and it appears to be just as true as ever. You can measure how well things are going in the countryside by the attendance at farm industry events. That said, I’m […] Read more

There’s power in individual farm decisions

As farmers, we make important decisions according to what we think will be best for our operations. Taken together, those individual decisions often change the overall economic conditions for the industry. As financial returns tighten in the grain sector, do we try to grow less as a way to decrease the supply and support prices? […] Read more

Many questions linger as cannabis deadline looms

In less than three months, Canadians will legally be able to consume marijuana for non-medical purposes. In June, Parliament passed C-45, the Cannabis Act, making Canada only the second country in the world after Uruguay to legalize the drug. Several American states have “freed the weed,” so to speak; however, marijuana possession and consumption is […] Read more

Letters to the Editor: June 26, 2018 – Cereals Canada defended

To the Editor: I was very disappointed this paper chose to publish the opinion piece from Stewart Wells on GM wheat policy but actually an attack on industry groups. (July 12, 2018) I am proud of what I call Team Canada, namely Cereals Canada, and what it has done for the Canadian wheat industry. For […] Read more

More support neededto boost oat research

It is unfortunate that PepsiCo is withdrawing its research funding for oats. The unheralded crop has lost market share over the years to canola in Canada and corn in the United States but the smart money still has a lot of interest in oats. At 3.1 million seeded acres this year in Canada, oats are […] Read more

The author rejects the argument that Alberta conservation groups pushing for off-highway vehicle restrictions are part of a secret conspiracy to ban everyone from the province’s eastern slopes.  |  File photo

OHV conspiracies muddy the debate

Aldo Leopold, the dean of ecological thinking, observed that when his bird dog, Gus, could find no pheasants to point, it would point to other birds, like meadowlarks, with a whipped-up zeal for unsatisfactory substitutes. Some vocal members of the Alberta Off Highway Vehicle Association (AOHVA) are acting like Gus. When they can’t mount a […] Read more

Healthy skepticism on new technology is good

If you attended Canada’s Farm Progress Show back in Regina in June or the recent Ag in Motion outdoor farm show near Saskatoon, you heard lots of sales pitches for new technologies. As farmers, we’re bombarded by sales pitches all the time. Whether it’s a new seeder, a new seed treatment or a new variety […] Read more