Several key agriculture bills languish as summer nears

Crunch time has hit Parliament Hill. Several key pieces of legislation, many of interest to Canadian agriculture, remain on Parliament’s agenda with less than two months left in the sitting calendar before MPs and senators head home to their ridings for the summer. The governing Liberals find themselves staring at a laundry list that will […] Read more

Letters to the editor – May 3, 2018

Organic farming helps restore land Re: 40,000 farm goes organic (WP, March 22) Sensational organic article, so much so that you had to print the flax price two inches high. Instead of this type of journalism, why not devote a page to organic news that gives the prices on a regular basis. Print some articles […] Read more

How self-employed farmers can prepare for retirement

As a farmer, you do not have a funded pension plan waiting for you upon retirement. It’s likely that you will rely on the value and potential future earnings of your largest asset, your land. If your plan involves passing the farm to the next generation, this can add complications. It is unlikely you can […] Read more

Saving our supply managed beacons

With U.S. President Donald Trump’s “America First” rhetoric, it looked like NAFTA renegotiations would end in a stalemate. However, Canadian giveaways to appease Trump are keeping talks for a reformed North American Free Trade Agreement alive. Farmers and consumers must not be complacent regarding the federal government’s political commitments to defend supply management against Trump’s […] Read more

Ongoing farm consolidation major land ownership issue

One has to be an optimist to see the report by the Senate agriculture committee on farmland ownership as providing the ultimate solution to the protection of farmland and a decline of the number of farms, but so be it. Optimism it is — if the recommendations are heartily embraced and enacted full throttle. Remembering, […] Read more

Rail troubles? In Canada? Wow

Here we are again — under-performing railways in Western Canada. What a surprise. Just like having a winter or a labour dispute when you have thousands of grievances piled up at bargaining time. To be fair, our railways have long been destined for failure. We have expected our two major, monopoly-ish Canadian railways to act […] Read more

Long-term view needed on wheat quality

You shouldn’t shoot the messenger, or in this case the regulator sending out the message. On April 20, the Canadian Grain Commission issued a news release announcing that five more varieties of Canada Western Red Spring wheat are being moved to the Canada Northern Hard Red wheat class effective August 1, 2021. The reassignment comes […] Read more

MacAulay family’s story reflects human side of politics

HALIFAX — More than 3,000 Liberal party members gathered in Halifax April 20-22 for their national policy convention in Halifax. It was a chance for the party to gather its thoughts and begin organizing for the 2019 election campaign. There were resolutions to debate, parties to attend, speeches to listen to and campaigns to plan. […] Read more

Letters to the editor – April 26, 2018

Humboldt tragedy brought out kindness For some reason it takes a tragedy to pull people together. Such is the case when citizens of the world were there for Saskatchewan — a flatlands province in the heart of Canada — and members of the Humboldt Broncos Hockey team that met their fate on April 6 on […] Read more

Tax increases in new budget will affect many farmers

The Canadian Income Tax Act turned 100 last year and Canadians can be excused if they didn’t celebrate. Since its introduction in Canada in 1917, it has become a much more complex document and has grown to more than 2,000 pages in length. In 2017, the government signaled its intention to change the tax rules […] Read more