Veal code of practice gets update

An updated code of practice for veal calves was released today by the Canadian Veal Association and the National Farm Animal Care Council. First developed in 1998, it is the 11th code to be updated through the council’s consensus-based approach to code development. It was prepared by a 17-person committee that included veal producers, researchers, […] Read more

Big sale day at Day 4 of Agribition

REGINA — Yesterday was a big sale day at Canadian Western Agribition. CHAROLAIS SALE Dennis Serhienko and family offered a choice of three bulls and sold two, retaining one for his own herd at Maymont, Sask. Agribition Charolais sale:Dennis Serhienko sells 2 bull calves for $55,000 & $45,000. They are descendants of supreme champ cows […] Read more

Canadian Western Agribition 2017

The 2017 edition of the Canadian Western Agribition is underway in Regina. WP reporters are on the grounds taking photos, shooting video and filing stories. All our coverage will be posted below, and we’ll update this page throughout the day until the show wraps up – Saturday November 25, 2017. #CWA17 Tweets Scholarship winners enthusiastic […] Read more

Grazing lease rate change proposed in Alta.

The new fee system would fluctuate with cattle markets and see the current four zones replaced by two

FORT MACLEOD, Alta. — Five Alberta groups with direct interests in grazing leases have agreed on a proposal to modify lease rates that haven’t been changed since 1994. The Alberta Grazing Leaseholder’s Association, Alberta Beef Producers, the Western Stock Growers Association, the Northern Alberta Grazing Association and the Central Alberta Grazing Association are signatories to […] Read more

What are your cattle worth?

Do the math and educate yourself on how all sectors are performing because they impact other sectors, says analyst

BROCK, Sask. — It used to be easy for producers to figure out the value of their cattle, but not any more, said market analyst Anne Wasko of Gateway Livestock of Taber, Alta. “When I first started, you could simply look at supply and demand and you could come up with a pretty good estimate […] Read more

Veterinarians provide vital service at Farmfair, say producers

Farmfair veterinarian Roy Lewis spends a lot of time walking through barns, making sure breeders’ cattle are healthy before show time. This year, he treated about 50 head, though he doesn’t want people to be alarmed by that number. “It’s more minor things.” he said. “There’s only two, three or four that were probably somewhat […] Read more

Farmfair’s cattle fitters groom around the clock

They come from different parts of the globe and unite under one roof during the week known as Farmfair. Their job — to keep the animals looking shiny and groomed for the show ring. They are cattle fitters and they work around the clock here washing, shampooing, drying and styling show cattle. One flaw in […] Read more

Lead toxicity the most common animal poisoning: study

Researchers at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan have studied animal poisonings over 16 years and found nearly half were caused by lead and most occurred in the spring and summer. Vanessa Cowan and Barry Blakely examined records in the Prairie Diagnostic Laboratory database and published their results in the […] Read more

Scottish judge likes what he sees at Farmfair

EDMONTON — As William McLaren cuts a path up and down the Farmfair show ring wearing his blue and green family tartan while scuffling through the sawdust, the Scottish Angus breeder always likes what he sees. McLaren comes to Canada almost every year to buy Canadian genetics to take back to Netherton Angus near Perth, […] Read more

Charolais numbers rising

Certain things are easy to spot at cattle shows in Canada. There are bales of hay, fans mounted for cooling cattle and groups of camping chairs, usually arranged in a semi-circle. At the Manitoba Ag Ex, held in late October in Brandon, something else was also easy to spot: the distinct white hide of Charolais […] Read more