Vet not always needed for difficult calving

ACME, Alta. — Calling a veterinarian for assistance during a difficult calving is a wise move but there are things producers can often do on their own. During a women’s calving clinic in Acme, Alta., veterinarian Gordon Krebs of Didsbury Veterinary Services explained some of the equipment and techniques. Krebs has also instructed at the […] Read more

Cow condition key element to calving

Poor nutrition, reproductive tract infections and bull performance can be linked to conception failure

A cow’s overall condition affects its ability to become pregnant and deliver a healthy calf. “The bottom line is we need to get our cows cycling at the start of the breeding season and we need to ensure we get those conception rates to achieve herd fertility,” said Cheryl Waldner of the Western College of […] Read more

Newborn calf procedures provide long-term payoff

If producers can prevent or significantly reduce diseases in newborn calves, they can decrease mortality and improve overall herd production. When producers are pairing up or moving the newborn and its mother, they will often get a chance to look after some necessary management. For most operations, that involves newborn calves three days old or […] Read more

Infections can drag down herd pregnancy rates

Infectious disease can cause reproductive losses in a cow herd. Vaccination for bovine viral diarrhea, vibrio or IBR can help and producers should consult with a veterinarian to decide on the best approach for their region. Studies show vaccination works and is widely used in Western Canada, said Cheryl Waldner of the Western College of […] Read more

EPDs could provide window into herd’s future

Bull buyers should view the numbers attached to a herd sire’s pedigree as valuable information about how that animal could reshape their operation. Expected progeny differences (EPD) represent the genetic component of an animal’s phenotype that are expected to be passed on to the next generation. The numbers can be valuable for producers looking to […] Read more

Creep feeding not just useful in dry years

With dry soil conditions the norm right now in Western Canada, creep-feeding calves might be a necessity for many ranchers this spring and summer. Beef producers use creep feeders to supplement the diet of nursing calves when cows’ milk production is slowing down and the growing calves need additional nutrients in their diet. Inadequate or […] Read more

Feds announce regions eligible for livestock tax deferral

Livestock producers affected by drought, flood or excess moisture conditions in 2017 may be eligible for 2017 tax relief. Agriculture Canada on Feb. 6 released the final list of regions designated under the Livestock Tax Deferral Provision, adding regions in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. The initial list, posted Nov. 6, 2017, also listed regions in […] Read more

Brazil court overturns injunction against live cattle exports

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Brazil’s government has won a court decision allowing the export of live cattle, overturning an injunction obtained by an animal rights group, the Agriculture Ministry said on Monday. “Victory for Brazilian farming. Exports freed,” Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi said in a statement announcing that a Sao Paulo appeals court had allowed […] Read more

Dairy farmers keep investing

FOURNIER, Ont. — Ken and Peggy Wilkes’s recent investments in their Ontario dairy show a dedication to the future no matter who takes over the farm. Last May they moved their registered Holsteins into a $2.3 million state of the art free stall barn with a fully automated European robotic milking system. The GEO Monobox […] Read more

Ontario producers have soft spot for Jersey cows

Farmers’ grandfather raised the breed, as did the uncle from whom they bought the operation in 1983

ELORA, Ont. — Jersey cows are a family tradition at Creek Edge Farms. Based at Elora, Ont., Oscar Martin and his sons, Terry and Javen Martin, admit they have a soft spot for the brown, doe eyed cattle. “My grandpa had Jerseys and my uncle who owned this farm before had Jerseys,” Javen Martin told […] Read more