U.S. producers struggle to resolve traceability debate

NEW ORLEANS, La. — Working out an efficient traceability system for the United States beef industry is a priority for government leaders there. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told beef producers they must promote their products and provide full information on all stages of the production process because consumers want to know more. “You know that […] Read more

Non-bloat legumes show promise in pastures

Incorporating non-bloat legumes into pasture stands could rejuvenate pastures and lead to better average daily gains, according to a three-year study at the University of Saskatchewan. Bree Kelln undertook the study, planting cicer milkvetch and sainfoin varieties into sites at Lanigan, Sask., and Lethbridge in 2015. She presented Lanigan results at the Saskatchewan Beef Industry […] Read more

Producers embrace corn grazing

SWIFT CURRENT, Sask. — Corn grazing continues to gain popularity in Western Canada but producers are still learning how best to manage the system, says beef researcher Bart Lardner. “It’s a learning curve,” he said after a presentation at Foraging into the Future. “It’s not going to go away. The adoption rate is ramping up […] Read more

Meat producer Cherkizovo and farming conglomerate Rusagro were among agricultural firms across Russia targeted in a sweeping investigation into suspected tax evasion on Wednesday. | Screencap via rusagrogroup.ru

Russian agricultural firms raided over suspected tax evasion

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Meat producer Cherkizovo and farming conglomerate Rusagro were among agricultural firms across Russia targeted in a sweeping investigation into suspected tax evasion on Wednesday. The Tax Service said so far five potential breaches had been uncovered in inspections carried out with the Federal Security Service (FSB) at agricultural holdings across 13 regions. […] Read more

Fences didn’t do much good the year the author’s family’s cows decided they no longer wanted to be in the summer pasture.  |  Clayton Henderson photo

Remembering the year the cows ran away

The herd got spooked, broke down the gate, disappeared into the bush and didn’t come out for much of the summer

SASKATOON — Almost anyone with cattle works in close proximity to nature and sometimes nature takes an unexpected hand in our livestock business. My father’s experience was no different, especially one particular time when he took cows to the Kettle’s quarter. Dad bought Alex Kettle’s quarter when Kettle retired from farming. He only had the […] Read more

Lab-cultured meat products are not yet available, but plant-based products have gone mainstream and are competing with more traditional protein sources, such as beef.  |  Mike Sturk photo

USDA vows to label imitation meat

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association presses the government to ensure cell cultured protein is not called meat

NEW ORLEANS, La. — U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue has promised that meat substitutes will be regulated and labelled. Cell cultured protein has received a lot of attention, and livestock groups such as the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association are pressing government to ensure it is not called meat. Clear labelling is demanded for plant based […] Read more

Professor emeritus John McKinnon from the University of Saskatchewan says he can’t explain the results of the study, but it does show that nutritional strategies for the cow can influence the post-natal growth of the calf.  |  Mike Sturk photo

Calves from cows fed canola grew more

A two-year study found that beef cows fed a high-fat diet containing canola seed produced heavier calves right from birth to slaughter. John McKinnon, professor emeritus at the University of Saskatchewan, said he was surprised at the results of the study comparing a typical diet with one supplemented by canola and another with flax. “I […] Read more

Composting manure is one way to eliminate flies, which can’t survive at temperatures higher than 50 C.  |  File photo

Early action can help control flies in manure

Manure draws flies. It’s a universal truth. But there are ways to limit the number of flies at feedlots and other livestock operations if the right steps are taken at the right times, says retired Agriculture Canada senior researcher Tim Lysyk. As an entomologist, Lysyk has studied the ecology of flies that affect cattle. Houseflies […] Read more

Researcher aims to help piglets survive transport

BANFF, Alta. — Thousands of piglets each year are weaned, loaded into trucks and taken to nursery facilities. A study led by Dr. Hauwa Bwala, a veterinarian at the University of Saskat-chewan’s Western College of Veterinary Medicine, seeks to identify risks that could result in piglet mortality. Bwala provided explanations of the study via poster […] Read more

Sask. delays discontinuing loan program

The wind-down of Saskatchewan’s Livestock Loan Guarantee Program has been extended to July 31, 2019. Last August, the province announced it would discontinue the program that guaranteed loans to breeder and feeder associations. Originally, the government said the program would end Dec. 31, 2018, but that was pushed to July after discussions found that more […] Read more