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Ag sector wants quick action on trade agreement, but auto industry fears cast shadow

In January, Canada’s agriculture industry celebrated when the federal government committed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. A month later, Canadian agricultural leaders are still pressing the government on the deal, which has recently been revived as the Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership or CPTPP. They want Ottawa to formally ratify the deal as soon as […] Read more

Water review alarms ranchers

Sixteen years is a long time in which to resolve a licence application, even by government standards. But it was the government, specifically Alberta Environment and Parks, that told southern Alberta rancher Aaron Brower in late December that water licence applications filed by Brower Ranching Co. Ltd. in 2001 were now being reviewed and at […] Read more

Light shone on poly cropping

BRANDON — Bale grazing, swath grazing and feeding on standing corn have become standard practices on western Canadian cattle ranches. The practices are collectively known as extended grazing, or stretching the use of pasture into the late fall and winter. Research shows that bale grazing, swath grazing and corn grazing can dramatically reduce feeding costs. […] Read more

Pilot project aims to build rural vet service

Program is designed to attract and retain students by providing opportunities to experience life in rural practices

A new pilot project could help curb the declining number of veterinary services in rural Saskatchewan. The Preceptorship Program has been launched by the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Starting in May, it will run for 14 weeks and employ five third-year […] Read more

Painful lumpy jaw disease requires intervention

As the name implies, cattle infected with the condition known as lumpy jaw develop hard lumps along the jaw, or rarely, other facial bones. The disease is a severe, deep bone infection that typically starts when there is damage to the gums. Infection establishes in the tooth socket and spreads from there to invade deep […] Read more

Bovine leukosis incidence rises on Prairies

Bovine leukosis can be spread via:

PHOENIX, Ariz. — The presence of lymphomas is a leading reason for condemnation of beef and dairy cows at slaughter. They may have been infected with bovine leukosis virus. Bovine leukosis was not considered an important disease 25 years ago, but prevalence studies in Canada and the United States show it is circulating in many […] Read more

Arizona dairy manages 12,500 cows and 52,000 steers

STANFIELD, Ariz. — Actor John Wayne was master of all he surveyed when he looked out at thousands of beef cattle from his office window at Red River Feedyards. Today, the Duke would stare out over the same property in disbelief to see the Herefords have been replaced with Holsteins. Wayne and his business partners, […] Read more

Industry told to talk consumers’ language when promoting pork

Pork promoters still aren’t talking in the consumers’ language, says a grocery expert. That leaves them pushing the meat in a way that doesn’t speak to consumers’ hearts and ends up leaving more on the shelves than in shopping carts. “We have to focus more on the benefits of buying the product,” Peter Chapman, a […] Read more

Testing required to ensure quality forages

High quality forages supply significant amounts of energy, which results in high feed intake and milk production

GUELPH, Ont. — Forages are the foundation of a good ration for cows, providing roughage, essential minerals and other nutrients. Forage feeds the rumen microbes, and the cow receives most of the protein and nutrients from rumen microbial fermentation. “The rumen can exist primarily on forages,” said ruminant nutritionist Mark Bowman of Grand Valley Fortifiers […] Read more

U.S. beef sustainability initiative faces hurdles

Questions remain about what sustainable beef production means, while distrust continues between groups

PHOENIX, Ariz. — An American initiative established to advance beef sustainability has released a set of indicators designed to guide the sector toward becoming more economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. But convincing those in the trade to get on board could be a challenge. There is probably no extra money in it, there are lingering […] Read more