War challenged curious farmer, pilot

Military life suited Malcolm McLean’s restless curiosity and need for challenge. He was farming outside of Dewberry, Alta., in the fall of 1939 when Canada entered the Second World War. Of the first local boys to sign up, he joined the 16/22 Saskatchewan Horse Infantry and took his basic training at Dundurn, Sask. By December […] Read more

Couple find farm life exciting

WINKLER, Man. — As they sit in the small office of a new assembly plant in an industrial district with their two eldest children playing with the furniture and their baby happily snoozing, the Penners seem the image of a composed and relaxed young couple. But Tim admits it often doesn’t feel that way on […] Read more

Alberta foodies satisfied with being small and local

GULL LAKE, Alta. — The conversation is easy and relaxed like friends catching up. Laura Siebenga chats with a longtime customer who stops for eggs at Small Circle Foods and Retail, the store located on her and husband Cal’s 17-acre Brown Eggs and Lamb farm. “That’s a huge part of what this store is,” says […] Read more

Holocaust remembrance compassionate and cruel

In heartbreaking waves of in-conceivable human cruelty, Dr. Edith Eva Eger winds us through her teenage life in Second World War Czechoslovakia. In The Choice: Embrace the Possible, she takes us on a cattle car to her barracks at Auschwitz. We watch as her parents disappear into the gas chambers. We see the smoke rise […] Read more

Family needs to understand, accept decision to end life

Q: Last night, my mother and I had a disturbing heart-to-heart conversation. She believes that she is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. She does not know how rapidly it might overtake her and is uncertain how much it will ultimately affect her. But she is clear that if she is getting disabled quickly, […] Read more

Study finds no firm glyphosate-cancer link

A long-term study of pesticide applicators in the United States has found that glyphosate exposure is not associated with cancer. The Agricultural Health Study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, looked at the cancer incidence in 54,251 farmers and ag workers in Iowa and North Carolina. Of that group, 44,932 had used […] Read more

Stop using antibiotics in healthy animals, WHO urges farmers

LONDON/CHICAGO, Nov 7 (Reuters) – The World Health Organization urged farmers on Tuesday to stop using antibiotics to promote growth and prevent disease in healthy animals because the practice fuels dangerous drug-resistant superbug infections in people. Describing a lack of effective antibiotics for humans as “a security threat” on a par with “a sudden and […] Read more

Sheep researchers ask for deer poop

Do deer defecate in the woods? Yes, and they also do it on other parts of the landscape. When they do, researchers want some of the material. A study underway at the University of Calgary’s faculty of veterinary medicine is aimed at learning about gastro-intestinal parasite diversity in Alberta’s deer. Researchers intend to compare parasite […] Read more

4-H is a year-round commitment for Alta. leader

CHERHILL, Alta. — Dorothy Carlson is certain neighbours know when she is making her sticky cinnamon buns because they drop by her Cherhill, Alta., farm. She is also well known in her community for her longtime service to 4-H locally and in the district, having served as the president of the regional 4-H council for […] Read more