Don’t stop, keep baling – a new way to round

Round bales offer a lot of functionality to the farm, especially if poly wrapping is part of the plan for forages. But not having to stop and drop a bale would make round baling more efficient.

Kubota is offering its new European Kverneland continuous round baler, the world’s first fixed-chamber continuous baling platform, in Canada this season.

Andrew Marshall of Kubota in Canada said the system will be a big time saver for producers or custom operators.

He said the system starts out with 25 blades chopping the incoming hay, which feeds into a pre-chamber. That chamber starts the bale’s core and sets up the bale’s density. The bale is then shifted to the main chamber, where it is completed and net-wrapped. While that is happening, the in-feed shifts back to the pre-chamber.

On-the-go poly-wrapping at the back end of the Fastbale baler means an operator doesn’t have to stop, and doesn’t require a second operation for poly-wrap.

“About two-thirds of the bale is completed in that first chamber,” said Marshall.

“This saves time and the stress of stopping and starting for the operator, not to mention the extra wear on the tractor,” he said.

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