Big blue SP sprayer holds 1,900 gallons

Lemken has unveiled their new high-capacity sprayer ahead of this month’s Agritechnica in Germany. The Nova project started with a fresh sheet of paper in 2017, with the aim of improving on the current crop of sprayers.

In Western Canada the Lemken is best known for its tillage tools, but the company does build a broad line of farm machinery, including seeding an application equipment.

The German-built sprayer is available with either a 4,800 litre (1,270 gallon) tank or a 7,200 litre (1,900 gallon) tank. The two available boom widths are 24 meters (79 feet) or 39 meters (128 feet).

According to the release, the aluminium boom has Lemkens’s Adaptive Balancing Control with automatic, proactive guidance to keep it in an optimum position and maintain the correct distance to the target surface. Five sensors ensure that individual boom arms adapt directly to uneven terrain and changes in crop canopy surface.

Application is controlled by the Lemken MegaSpray on the CCI 800 or CCI 1200 terminal. Functions include width section, application rate, GPS track guidance and job management. The new data exchange platform called Agrirouter handles communications with the farm management system back in the office.

The inductor has a capacity of 55 litres (15 gallons) and provides flow up to the top edge without producing spray mist. It is compatible with closed transfer systems and is height adjustable for improved ergonomics. A color display above the inductor allows the water hydraulics to be operated easily.

The clean water tank holds 660 litres (174 gallons). An electrically regulated injector agitator with fill level-dependent control maintains a homogeneous mixture inside the tank. Residue collects in the lowered sump which can be drained fully. A circulation line with individual nozzle control within the boom provides for precise application and absolute minimal residue.

The chassis is designed with telescopic axles for adjustable track widths up to 2.3 metres (7.5 feet). Hydraulic track width adjustment is available as an option. The Nova can be used with tires widths from 300 millimeters (12 inches) to 650 millimeters (26 inches).

According to Lemken, all-wheel drive is standard and all four wheels have independent, hydro-pneumatic suspension. Ground clearance is 1.20 metres (4 feet) but an optional hydraulic lift system raises the chassis to a maximum of 1.60 metres (5 feet).

The newly designed cab is available with an optional Category 4 three-stage air filter system which creates permanent positive pressure in the cab to prevent fumes from entering. Operators have an excellent view of their surroundings from an air-suspended seat. The joystick has numerous assignable function keys that can be configured by the individual operator.

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