InterLock passes aerial card test with flying colours

Although WinField’s InterLock has been available through Canadian dealers since 2001, few prairie farmers or aerial applicators were aware of the low-drift adjuvant or how it works until recently.

In the United States, the land of massive lawsuits, nearly all aerial applicators use low-drift adjuvants as a precautionary.

But interest is growing in Canada. One Canadian aerial applicator who has recently become more aware of the benefits of adding these adjuvants to the mix is Jeff Farr of Farr Air in Weyburn, Sask.

Farr Air operates seven planes. Last year was his first experience with InterLock, using it with Reglone on canola.

“We hadn’t heard of (InterLock) until just last summer. It looked like something we should try, so we did some spraying tests with our planes in July, with the water sensitive cards,” recalls Farr.

“It tightened up the droplet spectrum quite a bit. There’s fewer big drops. Those are pretty well always wasted drops. And a lot less fines. It was pretty nice. That was just with water. We ran the tests again with Reglone and got the same results.”

Farr says he had about a half dozen customers put it in the tank last summer. There’s no extra charge for applying adjuvant. The farmer pays their supplier for the product and Farr simply mixes it in with the Reglone.

“In my opinion they’re getting better value for their spray job because more of the product we’re putting down is doing the job it’s supposed to do. They call it a drift mitigation product. It gets rid of the fines so more of the product stays on target. It must also have a surfactant or penetrant because it seems to get into the plant better. So there’s a couple of things happening.

“We had guys combining canola three or four days after we applied Reglone with InterLock. Part of the benefit is your agronomist can do a better job of staging the timing of application.

“I used to farm myself, so I know what happens when you get a little too anxious about putting Reglone on lentils or peas too early. You just have a big train wreck. The guys who staged these applications last summer and said ‘go spray’ did a real good job of staging the timing of this application. They knew how well Reglone with InterLock was going to work for them.”

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