Letters to the editor – February 14, 2019

Food guide debate needs some clarity

My comments are not directed at the revised Canada Food Guide. In many respects, it is the old guide with a fresh coat of paint, where meat is back in the bad books, plus dairy, but good advice on more fruits and vegetables.

My comments concern some of the language in the debate: ”all proteins are not created equal.”

What is meant by that? I worked as a research technician for 30 years in protein chemistry. There are different proteins that serve different functions, so where does the inequity come in?

Another nonsense statement not voiced is: good calories-bad calories; a calorie is a calorie.

What one should be saying is calories from good food sources —not lard, for example. Food science is not an exact science. Controlled studies over a period of time are difficult. Pencil in the food missioners and everyone is confused.

Morris Aarbo
Coquitlam, B.C.


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