A little brother uses the tools of the big drill from John Deere

John Deere’s new Pro-Series disc openers come on a smaller platform than typically considered on the Prairies, but farmers seeking wide and narrow row-spacing options may like the options they offer.

The precision seeding of an independent row air seeder offers growers flexibility with small grains and enough seed placement control.

The new N500C marries the company’s new openers to a two-rank toolbar with the ability to lock up a rank for wider or narrower spacing on demand.

Ryan Hough of Deere says the new platform also improves access to the air-seeder’s meter, from its 1990CCS predecessor, places a new commodity tank on the frame and positions the blower fan forward and higher.

The new metering system uses electric drives over up to four segments, creating sectional control, also new for the machine. Available from 30 to 42 feet, the machines, when set for both ranks, can run 7.5 or 10 inch spacings. A single rank doubles that to 15 and 20 with a hydraulic lift of the units. A single rank on 15 inch spacings is also available.

Tyler Rumbold, John Deere product manager, shared a wide range of features during a walkaround of the new machine.

“This is a direct replacement of the 1990 air drill,” he said.

The central commodity tank is available in 100 or 120 bushels, depending on the width of the machine.

Other technology found on the 1990 air drill system is the relative flow blockage system that compares run to run, ensuring that whole machine is working evenly, and showing any runs that are slowing, which could be a sign of plugging.

The new active calibration system is also available on the machine, measuring and calibrating seeding rates on the go.

With the Gen Four display the system also gets Truset downforce control from the cab, putting up to 400 foot pounds of pressure onto the openers.

Aimed at regions where soybeans are joining small grains and other oilseeds, and where corn and soybeans make up the bulk of the acres, the system builds on planter and larger air drill tool technology.

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