Where does your news come from?

Just saying it don’t make it so. For those who like to read or hear what they want, rather than the truth about a situation, it must be a wonderful time to be alive.

World leaders, more than usual, can lie about anything they like. Their aids can counter any reality monger’s assertions to the contrary by saying they are providing “alternative facts.”

As farmers, the war on facts and science is close to many of our hearts and wallets. The truth about food production, both its science and the business of being primary producers, is constantly being undermined by those who have ideological axes to grind.

Genetic modification is destroying foods’ nutritional values. Glyphosate is causing a widespread cancer epidemic. Factory farms owned by multinational corporations produce most of our food. Government subsidies to wealthy farmers are destroying the abilities of the small family farm to compete. If only all farmers would convert to organic production there would greater yields, global food shortages would be averted, soil would be healthier and sustainability would grip the land — you get the idea.

All of these are non-science, but there are large swathes of the public that are willing to believe, even if only a little bit of the time, at least until they are challenged by a credible advocate or trusted source.

The Western Producer is a trusted source. Most people who are familiar with the publication know that it relies on professional journalists and, despite some limited speculation to the contrary, doesn’t get large multinational chemical and grain companies to approve its copy just because they advertise in its pages and on producer.com.

There is a real danger in listening only to those you agree with, reading what doesn’t challenge your assumptions and voting for those who tell you that, “whatever it is, it’s not your fault.’ ”

The growth of talk radio was built on those ideals. The internet is now full of fake news, but the folks who sell it and the politicians and opinion leaders who exploit it proclaim it’s the professional media who are creating it.

It turns out, despite reporting the contrary, that Russian operatives did influence the American presidential election and that wheat is safe to eat. Where does your news come from?


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  • Harold

    Is the newspaper a substitution for an education now? You don’t need to go to school or university; you just need to read a newspaper instead? Do students go to school to discover or to read a newspaper to gain in knowledge? I am not sure what you think a “trusted source” is but you certainly haven’t balanced your opinion to any form of reality. Where do I get my news from? Well sometimes it is the neighbor telling me the news that his daughter is getting married. The news of the marriage is not the same as attending or experiencing that marriage and it is not the complete scope of that marriage. Does a newspaper print every detail of every event in its fullness? I get my news from any source that will give me news but I get my education elsewhere. The educated know what news is fake news and what news is plausible. Media can only provide the plausible at most because reporters are not the educated; the ones that reporters receive their information from are the educated and the educated are the actual news makers. The educated can always tell by the reporter’s questions just how educated the reporters actually are. A stupid question from a reporter earns a stupid answer and the reporter puts the stupid answer into print and it is called the news from a trusted source and it is.
    The media reporters are nothing more than is described in a Patient asking a Doctor a question. Questions between Doctors are at a higher level of understanding than that of the patient.
    Regarding your poor reference to Russia and their influence in the American Presidential Election perhaps I can give you some real news; all countries try to meddle in every countries election and anyone with a computer or a face-book account can interfere in any election. Yes, even with China’s technology they too can meddle in the USA’s elections and they do. That does not mean that Russia or China placed the X on any ballot. Their meddling is to create discontent within a country between its people to have that country implode in on itself. The Russians created the protests between the Republicans and the Democrats and sponsored both sides. Why; because a weak party in power is easier to deal with on an international scale than a strong government is to deal with. The Russian Government does not give a damn who becomes the leader of the USA and they certainly wouldn’t want a strong Trump if given a choice. A Trump made weak (Republicans) is a better Trump and a Clinton made weak (Democrats) is a better Clinton and when both are weakened it serves in the best interests of Russia and not in the best interests of the USA. When the USA cannot come together to make a decision due to infighting and unrest what does that make an organized Putin and an organized Russia? Every Country has a vested interest in weakling the USA. Moreover, if you do not think that other countries are meddling in our Canadian elections then you are living under a rock. Trudeau was elected as the Prime Minister of Canada and that didn’t happen without outside meddling and influence in the thought processes of the Canadian people. A weak minded Trudeau is in the best interests of any global leader and the global leaders know exactly what Canadians got because they organized it through media and propaganda that they have orchestrated and paid for. George Soros and Hillary Clinton did not put their arms around Trudeau for no reason at all. Obviously Canadians have been weakened by Trudeau and not strengthened and that opens Canada’s doors to foreign agendas. If anyone can destabilize Canada it is Justin Trudeau. The media say so, doesn’t make it so; can I borrow that one from you? Canadians have a background in knowledge regardless of what you may think and they too know what fake news is and they also know when news just may be plausible; the foolish without the benefit of the background knowledge accept the plausible (media news) as being the truth and they are the easiest to deceive. Instead of the question “where does your news come from”, why didn’t you ask – where do you study; is it because the answer is – not the newspaper? I do appreciate the news and the WP but at the same time I do know what the news truly represents and I have never lost sight of it. The wise and the knowledgeable coined the saying – do not believe everything that you read in print; it was not coined by reporters or the foolish.

  • Denise

    Your bias is showing! You really still believe biotech and agrochemical companies are providing you with verifiable and reliable results from their “scientific” studies?
    Do you really believe the independent studies, reviewed by peers, and published in respected science journals lack credibility and do not follow established scientific methods?
    As for subsidies ,wealthy farmers and suitcase farmers do very well.
    goggle: Our crazy farm subsidies explained
    Globe and Mail: US farmers subsidies

    • Harold

      Denise, Hitler at the time was a trusted news source and if you asked him what he was going to do, he would tell you, and if you didn’t trust it you would be a fool. Trusting Hitler is the method you use to set up your military to act against him. (Intel) My enemies are more inclined to tell me the truth than are my forgiving friends. to say “a trusted news source” is truly meaningless if you are seeking the difference between the right and the wrong. However, where there is bias in media news – you have one-sided news which is now coined “fake news”. What news is, it isn’t today, but clearly by your posts I really didn’t need to tell you this but your 4 posts are your “offensive”, if you get my drift. To bias news, which is not news at all, the posts add the other half and both half’s equal a whole and the whole is the news. From the whole you take away what you will and a decision is made. Media today is heavily politicized and heavily is bias in content and there will be others who say that they are not, and that is the other half, and that is news, and from that you take away what you will and make a decision. What is media trying to prevent with their bias reporting? “Where does your news come from” is an interesting question isn’t it?

  • Denise

    There are hundreds of court cases going on in the USA against Monsanto from people who were exposed to Roundup on a regular basis and got cancers. The truth shall soon be out there for everyone to see.
    As for damage to the environment this new global study has come out showing: google: Glyphosate toxicity for animals.

  • richard

    Inquiring minds seek their news from multi sources and trust their own eyes…. WP is an excellent reporter of global agri news… incapable of self critique and reflection…..To believe that WP is an oracle of truth in science is nonsense as it is habitually finding itself reporting on the ongoing litany of technology run amuck yet again….. Think weed, pest, disease, antibiotic resistance, ritual animal abuse, ractopamine, zilmax, BSE, BST, DDT, lindane, neonics, dioxins….. you know the usual suspects of a venal legacy driving technology…..then and now.

  • Denise

    When the health of our families and our environment( food source,soil, air quality, animals, birds ,bees, butterflies ,aquatic life, surface water and aquifers) are being compromised because of greedy and dishonest corps, like Monsanto,that want fatter bottom lines, at any cost to all of the above, it’s time for people to stand up, speak out, and expose them for what they are.
    What the Monsanto Papers Tell Us About Corporate Science


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