Letters to the editor – January 11, 2018

Saskatchewan is one of the most important grain, oilseed and pulse producing regions in Canada, is a primary supplier of one-third of the world’s durum wheat, has a burgeoning processing industry and is home to 40 percent of the nation’s farmland. To quote Premier Brad Wall, “Saskatchewan has what the world needs.” 

What Saskatchewan needs now is a leader who will continue to champion open and competitive markets. A leader who understands our needs as producers, and can ensure growth in this province’s multibillion-dollar agriculture industry.   

This year marks five years since the Western Canadian Wheat Growers lobbied for the elimination of a single trading desk. As past executive director of the organization, Alanna Koch was instrumental in ushering in a new era in market access for Saskatchewan grain producers. She lobbied for increased rail capacity in order to get our product to market and as a farmer, she has first-hand experience balancing the challenges and opportunities that come with being a farmer. 

Saskatchewan’s next premier should be someone who will continue to build on our strengths in primary and value-added agriculture, while fostering new opportunities and opening up new markets. Alanna Koch has proven time and again she has the acumen and experience to do just that. This is why on Jan. 27, I will be voting for Alanna Koch for Saskatchewan Party leader and the next premier of Saskatchewan.    

Cherilyn Jolly Nagel
Mossbank, Sask.



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