Tracks no longer just for big boy carts

FARGO, N.D. — Until recently, we’ve assumed rubber tracks were the exclusive domain of only the biggest grain carts.

However, as awareness of soil compaction grows, tracks are showing up on smaller carts.

To meet that demand, J&M just introduced its Storm Tracker LT (lower tonnage) series of tracks for carts up to 1,150 bushels.

Patterned after its proven Storm Tracker heavy tracks, J&M says the LT is a lower-cost option for growers who feel they may never move up to a 1,500 bu. cart.

The LT has an area of 5,400 sq. inches and runs on a total of eight bogies and 16 hubs. The belt is 36 inches wide with tension provided by an air-spring system. Overall length is 116 inches.

Keeping the belt surface in full contact with the soil surface is the challenge faced by all track engineers. With that in mind, the engineers incorporated much of the same technology on the LT as they continue to use on the heavier Storm Tracker series designed for carts up to 1,500 bu.

Storm Tracker’s overall length is 146 inches with a contact area of 7,560 sq. inches. J&M says the compaction rating is 11.96 to 13.69 pounds per sq. inch. Both track systems have all-steel guide wheels for the belts and full-width wheels to increase flotation and reduce belt wear.

Both use a 2.3:1 leveraged air system to double the belt tension and both employ the same six-inch diameter pivot points.

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