Sask. leaseholders given incentive to buy crown land

Saskatchewan has announced another incentive program as it tries to sell agricultural crown land.

This program is being described as “targeted” because it is aimed at current leaseholders of cultivated or formerly cultivated land and offers them a 10 percent incentive until March 31, 2018.

Lessees aren’t obligated to buy, but if they don’t they will see a 45 percent premium tacked on to their formula rental rate. There was a 15 percent premium in 2016 and 30 percent premium this year.

The program is only being offered to the 1,100 people whose leases are subject to the premium.

This includes an estimated 300,000 acres out of the more than six million acres under agricultural lease.

“This focused incentive program supports our government’s consistent approach to putting land in the hands of producers in cases where there is no higher public good from an ecological, environmental, heritage or economic perspective,” Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart said in a news release.

The program will not include land used by grazing co-operatives or the former federal pastures, even if they contain cultivated or formerly cultivated land.

Other land previously deemed ineligible for purchase will remain that way.


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  • Harold

    Crown land is bought by taxpayers using the taxpayers money. It is public land bought buy the public and entrusted to government control for a return. The return may be land protection/preservation or a taxpayer profit return; a benefit for the taxpayers initial investment. The lease payments are the profit gains of the taxpayers investment. How does Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart justify punishing those who refuse to buy taxpayer owned land with a 45 percent premium tacked on to their formula rental rate. Is this how the Saskatchewan government comes to the aide of the farmers? Did the people of Saskatchewan (taxpayers) agree to place more burden onto the farmer as a benefit to him? Is this how agriculture support works? This is only one example of the many, but I think Farmers should shake their head if they think that it has been the consumer’s who have been standing in their way. It seems like it is the government who needs education and not so much the public. Perhaps someone ought to inform Lyle that tax dollars are not gift dollars, they are value dollars and we want value in return. When a Farmer moves product there is an increase in the economy and that increase is a benefit to the taxpayer. A farmer is trying to move product and Lyle wants to take their resources and money away. Yep, that is pretty smart. Punish the one who has a hand in creating the economy.

  • Tyler

    You think the govt should own the land and we just work for them? This isn’t Russia

    • Kissing optional

      Governments should maintain crown land.
      It is after all ‘Crown Land’.
      … work work them…
      I’m not sure how you equate the government’s responsibility to maintain the citizenry assets to “working for them”, but as to the ‘this is not russia’ , you do know that communism ended in Russia years ago.

    • Harold

      Perhaps you should re-read what was written. Taxpayers own crown land for which the government is entrusted and are paid with further Tax dollars to maintain it. Crown land is a taxpayer investment – not a government investment whereby we are working for them. The Crown is a corporation and the corporation exists solely by taxpayer dollars. Any time land is purchased it is done using taxpayers dollars. (public lands) When you say government the government is not the politicians – the government is the rules of governance. Politicians are only a small group of humans – they are not the government. The laws that this small group of humans add to the governance document become the government of the following day. Less government is less laws/less governance The public does not work for a rule on a document, nor a politician – those of governance are servants to the public and receive their wages from the taxpayer to perform that duty. The public cannot possibly work for government because government is governance and is in fact a dead piece of paper with rules written upon it. The public cannot possibly work for politicians – the politicians receive their wages from the taxpayer. All those receiving money from the Crown (taxpayers) are in fact public servants.
      Furthermore, the Russian government and its peoples by majority have the same values as the NDP so I would suggest to you that you should rethink your positions.

      • Kissing optional

        Actually Harold, the current Russian government has an ideology closer aligned to the American Republican Party which is the desire for those in the position of governing power to be able to accumulate the most wealth by exploiting and blatantly taking whatever they please with no rules of law to stop them.
        American oligarchy and Russian oligarchs are the same peas in a different pea patch.


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