Cart ideal for diversified farms

FARGO, N.D. — Farmers at the 2017 Big Iron found it hard to ignore the big blue cart with a capacity of 1,950 cubic feet or 33 tons of silage, grain or manure.

Those are the specs on the triple axle Penta DB60 on display. The big brother DB70 has four axles with a capacity of 2,400 cubic feet or 40 tons, says Jeremy Baine of Penta.

“Both carts have the follow-type steering on their front and rear axles,” he said.

“You lock them straight in transit, then put them back in steering mode in the field and for backing or dumping.”

He said Penta’s Electrosteer system uses electronic sensors to adjust steering control to match tractor speed. It’s one of many ways engineers went out of their way to make the DB series stronger and safer than other carts in the same category, he added.

“For example, the box rests on eight big mounting knuckles, two at each corner. The four knuckles at the rear are pinned to hold the box in place. Plus, we have a unique way to keep the trailer from tipping when you unload,” he said.

“When the operator starts to lift the main cylinder, oil is diverted to a pair of stabilizing cylinders on either side. They prevent the raised box from leaning left or right. They keep the box on an even keel until it’s settled back down.

“For brakes, we’ve got hydraulic brakes that hook up to your tractor, or you can run them off your hydraulic remote if you want to run them independently. We also have air brakes available if you’re running one of the larger European Fendt or JCB tractors with air.”

Baine said versatility is a main selling point. The tailgate can be used as a swing gate when dumping manure, beets or silage. It seals tightly, so the hydraulic locking grain door means it serves double duty as a grain cart.

The tub is smooth with a graphite impregnated non-stick liner, making it easy to clean when switching from one product to another. It tapers out toward the bottom and rear so the load dumps quickly. The front of the box has a viewing window covered with plexiglass so the operator can see inside the box while loading.

Although the Penta DB series carts are new, Baine has sold four to North Dakota farmers so far. The triple axle DB60 carries a list price of US$65,000. The carts are built in Petrolia, Ont.

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