Historical finds can be reported

PINCHER CREEK, Alta. — An arrowhead, bison skull or circle of stones that could be a teepee ring: such findings are not uncommon on Alberta farms and ranches.

Wendy Unfreed, regional archeologist with the Archeological Survey of Alberta, told the Southern Alberta Land Trust Society meeting March 29 that numerous archeological finds were exposed during recent Alberta floods, many of them along the Bow, Kananaskis and Highwood rivers.

Those who find an item or site they believe might be of archaeological value should first of all leave it alone and then record its location via GPS, photo, map, landmarks or other descriptors. It is important not to disturb the area near the artifact or site. Discoverers should then call the Report a Find hotline at 780-438-8506 or email the archeological survey at Courtney.lakevold@gov.ab.ca.

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