Grain bag slashing angers farmer

There’s been a rash of grain bag slashing in the Rouleau, Sk. area this winter.

“There has been 13 bags of seven different farmers cut in the area,” said Trevor Bjarnarson, manager of Bean and Company farm in Rouleau, Sk.

Last night vandals cut a grain bag holding durum the farm was going to use for seed.

The farm moved a tractor and grain extractor to the site at approximately 8 p.m Monday night, and when farm workers returned to the site this morning the damage was already done.

“They sliced up the one side, then they stopped there and jumped to the other side and sliced the rest of the bag the whole way. They sliced right around the end, and then they sliced at the very end where there is no tension on it at all where you put the boards together. So I know it’s vandalism,” Bjarnarson said.

He said he has no idea who vandalized the grain bag.

“I was hearing it was a couple kids on snowmobiles doing the bags north of Rouleau, but there is no snow in the field where we are, so I know it wasn’t snowmobilers,” Bjarnarson said.

He said it will take an extra day to vacuum the grain up, because there is nothing for the grain extractor to pull on.

Bjarnarson left a message on a Facebook group, 306 Farm Equipment, to let the vandals know he is not happy.

He wrote, “Whomever the people are that are cutting grain bags in Rouleau, Sk. area you better hope I don’t find you!!”

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  • bufford54

    Pranks like this result in unnecessary costs and labour to farmers, and can have deadly consequences. Vandalism and unlawful trespassing is a serious issue.

    • louise mollot

      Maybe bin industry not want everybody to use bags,and leave bin businesses bankrupt?? Or..price of product too low? Or….see whenever overproduction lowers prices..there’s soon big “epidemic s” of animals burning to death in barns,farmers still don’t add sprinkler system,, owners just rebuild ing w newer equipment..or prices dairy,pork etc rise in prices,,,

      • disqus_0NGjhejKKG

        we don’t need “nanny state” liberal thinking here. We have already far too much regulation in this country. Farmers make their own decisions.

  • Jayson

    Slashing open grain bags is definitely a terrible and cruel thing to do and I hope they catch whoever is doing it.

    But I still can’t even comprehend the idea of putting your yearly income in what amounts to a giant garbage bag. You would never trust a bank whose safe is made of plastic shopping bags. So why would you do it with your own money? Especially when your money is susceptible to spoilage or animals getting into it.

    • M

      While it may seem like a poor idea, there’s 2 main purposes of a grain bag.
      First is logistics. With multiple combines operating in the same field and especially in high yielding crops, its very difficult to keep grain away from them and the whole circle running efficiently. With the grain bag, the grain cart can dump directly into the bag removing the step of trucking to a yard or elevator. In crops such as oats, you could cut your labour needs in half.

      Second is cost of storage. A normal grain bag will hold 10,000bu at a cost of roughly $1000. The same storage capacity in bins would be closer to $30,000 depending on options. Even with buying a bagger and extractor, the cost of storage is cheap.

      This vandalism is unneeded. I think the punishment should fit the crime. ex. having to clean the pile up with a shovel.

    • nick kelly

      Cost cost cost.

  • S. E. Knox

    The report is a little short on details. This is not a “prank” it is willful distruction of valuable property. Here are/were the police? CSI type science is not manditory to assemble a few clues as to who might have done this act of stupidity.

    • warren olson

      sorry to hear of your loss-warren Olson

  • garry

    Jason is no doubt an urbanite that doesn’t understand the efficiency that is needed on sask. farms at harvest. these punks should have a jail term!!!!

    • Harold

      Jason called the act “terrible and cruel” but stopped short of calling the act what it truly is; crime. No matter how far back into history one goes, causing injury (body) or harm (property damage etc) the accused is required to pay full compensation if found guilty. Lack of this understanding is a human conditioning and has very little to do with origin. (‘urbanite’) Today the insurance company pays compensation, and the property owner is guilty, and the “punk” only an inconvenience. The “punk” knows that the property owner is guilty and the insurance company pays the “punks” compensation, provided that the punk remains unavailable in negotiations. When the “punk” is caught, he/she still does not pay compensation to the insurance company, or the harmed, leaving the property owner as he was; guilty. Insurance companies would lose an incredible amount of money if compensation for crime were placed upon each perpetrators social insurance number. The perpetrator would only do the crime that he/he is willing to pay for, for life. Under our current illusion, we are guilty amongst our peers for not having insurance, instead of guilty for not “rounding up the posse”. Another illusion from human conditioning is our thoughts of police protection. Numerous Cop and CSI and Judge, Court, and Lawyer, “good old boy’s” TV shows to create a sense of well being, yet in real life, none of the characterizations are real, and none are as proficient as portrayed; “real” TV or otherwise. Under the spell of our illusion we ask: Why are there no Cop’s?, why are there no arrests?, why have I not ever been compensated?, why have I been Compensated yet pay a penalty fee or cancellation?, (guilty) why is there no justice?, and expect an answer that an illusion cannot provide. In reality, we are unarmed (lawless) and hold a valid insurance contract, and the criminal armed or otherwise creates their own laws. The unlawful have more COURAGE than the lawful, although the lawful outnumber, and the lawful are GUILTY if they stand. The illusion is the thought that only the police are lawful, and with our stupidity, we allow our legislation to legitimize this stupid thought.


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