Grain bag slashing angers farmer

There’s been a rash of grain bag slashing in the Rouleau, Sk. area this winter.

“There has been 13 bags of seven different farmers cut in the area,” said Trevor Bjarnarson, manager of Bean and Company farm in Rouleau, Sk.

Last night vandals cut a grain bag holding durum the farm was going to use for seed.

The farm moved a tractor and grain extractor to the site at approximately 8 p.m Monday night, and when farm workers returned to the site this morning the damage was already done.

“They sliced up the one side, then they stopped there and jumped to the other side and sliced the rest of the bag the whole way. They sliced right around the end, and then they sliced at the very end where there is no tension on it at all where you put the boards together. So I know it’s vandalism,” Bjarnarson said.

He said he has no idea who vandalized the grain bag.

“I was hearing it was a couple kids on snowmobiles doing the bags north of Rouleau, but there is no snow in the field where we are, so I know it wasn’t snowmobilers,” Bjarnarson said.

He said it will take an extra day to vacuum the grain up, because there is nothing for the grain extractor to pull on.

Bjarnarson left a message on a Facebook group, 306 Farm Equipment, to let the vandals know he is not happy.

He wrote, “Whomever the people are that are cutting grain bags in Rouleau, Sk. area you better hope I don’t find you!!”

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