Letters to the editor – June 2, 2016

Environment will suffer

Lake Winnipeg and Manitoba’s water sources are certainly not a high priority for our new provincial Conservative government.

Congratulations Manitoba —you’ve voted for change.

But you forgot to be careful for what you wished for, because now you’ve got a government of business, by business, for business.

No conservation and water stewardship minister in this cabinet.

What does sustainable development really mean for that new minister’s title?

Brandon University professor Joe Dolecki tells it this way: “Sustainable development means that we can continue, as in the past, to rape, pillage and plunder the environment ; we just call it something nice so that we can feel good about what we’re doing.”

With a loss of former premier Greg Selinger and ministers, you can rest assured the future state of Lake Winnipeg and protection of our Manitoba waters will be condemned to insignificance.

John Fefchak.
Virden, Man.


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