Cleanliness next to godliness in engines

Federated Co-op is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to touting the advantages of premium diesel over plain, old-fashioned fuel.

The company’s new premium diesel returns fuel-gobbling engines to normal consumption levels by ensuring that injectors stay spick and span and reducing fuel burn by as much as five percent, says Cal Fichter, the company’s vice president of energy.

All diesel fuels have detergent additives. How well they perform depends on the chemical formula, which is always a closely guarded secret. Co-op buys its new chemical additive technology from a third party.

“Independent tests show that the new (additive) package has an improved corrosion inhibitor that prevents carbon buildup on the injectors, plus it cleans up older engines,” Fichter said.

A clean fuel delivery system optimizes combustion and limits the number of regeneration cycles required by diesel particulate filters.

Fichter said third party lab tests documented two chief factors:

  • The additive provided fuel economy increases of up to five percent and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • There was a documented im-provement in deposit-related power loss in as little as three tank fills and fully restored performance within 32 hours of operation.

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