TPP trade deal reached, dairy compensation included

A TPP deal has been made.

Canada has announced a $4.3 billion package of programs and compensation to help supply-managed producers as the Trans-Pacific Partnership is implemented.

The deal, announced this morning, gives 3.25 percent market access for dairy, 2.3 percent access for eggs, 2.1 percent for broiler chicken, two percent for turkey, and 1.5 percent for broiler hatching eggs.

An Income Guarantee Program will provide 100 percent income protection to producers for 10 years once the deal comes into effect, the government said in a news release.

Support will continue “on a tapered basis” for the next five years, and the total program is worth $2.4 billion.

The Quota Value Guarantee Program will protect producers against declining quota value when they sell quota after the TPP is implemented. There is $1.5 billion available in this program, which will be in place for 10 years and operate on a demand-driven basis.

The government also announced a $450-million program for processor modernization to help them compete under the terms of the TPP. And, a market development initiative will help supply-managed groups promote and market their products. This program will be funded by an additional $15 million in the AgriMarketing Program.

The federal government also said it would beef up anti-circumvention programs at the border. Measures will include requiring certificationf or spent fowl, preventing importers from circumventing quotas by adding sauce packages to chicken products, and excluding supply-managed products from the federal Duties Relief Program.

Cheese compositional standards have been maintained.


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