All clean without ammonia

Until recently, ammonia has been considered an essential component in cleaning sprayer tanks and sprayer systems, despite the health risks.

Ammonia vapours can irritate the throat and lungs, and farmers with asthma are especially sensitive. Exposure acts on eyes and skin, and in extreme cases ammonia causes kidney and liver damage. A toxic chloramine gas is produced when ammonia is mixed with chlorine bleach.

However, ammonia is no longer a necessary ingredient for cleaning sprayers, said Jeff Crampton of Loveland Products Canada. He said ammonia is not part of the Loveland product called All Clear.

“This used to be the case, but is no longer,” he said.

“We upgraded the formulation and are very proud of the fact we are able to have a unique product available to the grower that is very effective and has multiple modes of action without containing ammonia.”

Crampton said the new All Clear uses two modes of action: it chemically breaks down the residues and a surfactant physically removes the residues.

It’s effective on six families of herbicide, both as a general purpose cleaner and a decontamination agent.

All Clear is available through UAP.

For more information, contact Crampton at 403-336-0133 or visit

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