Camera ideal for the trail

Scouting the countryside for game sign is an important part of successful hunting. Trail cameras are excellent tools for establishing nature’s routines in an areas populated by game.

The Bushnell Bone Collector Trophy Cam has an eight megapixel camera, can last from six months to a year on eight AA batteries and is capable of recording still photos or video with audio. It is 5.5 by four by two inches and just the right size to be mounted to a tree as a concealed and silent observer.

It is activated by motion sensor that is sensitive out to 45 feet. It has a number of sensitivity settings, and I have found its “normal” setting is too much for areas with lots of tree movement. Even its “low” sensitivity reacts to leaf movement when the camera is set up to monitor a big area.

I have found success in positioning the camera in such a way that it is limited to only the smallest area I want to monitor. Otherwise, it may take many unnecessary photos.

The camera can record hundreds or thousands of photos, even on some of the least expensive memory cards on the market. Both the daytime and nighttime photos are reasonably clear unless the subject is moving quickly.

The camera is capable of image resolutions up to eight megapixels, but I have found the sweet spot to be five megapixels to balance image clarity with how many photos a memory card can hold.

Recorded images or videos may be viewed on a computer or television using the included cables. The number of photos or length of video taken during motion activation is adjustable.

The trail camera also came with a mounting strap to wrap around a tree. It is adequate, but the buckles required a bit of finessing. Once properly mounted, the strap does a good job of keeping the camera steady.

A secondary use for the camera is as a security monitor for suspicious activity. It makes an excellent silent witness with its motion sensitive cameras, which work for up to a year monitoring an area day and night.

Always be mindful of how well a trail camera is concealed and mounted. This model may be padlocked to prevent others from accessing its memory card and settings.

It is weather sealed and functions up to -20 C.

I have been impressed with this trail camera for its $200 cost. It has proven to be accurate and reliable in the field after a period of settings adjustment.

Kim Quintin is a Saskatoon outdoor enthusiast and knife maker. He can be reached for column content suggestions at

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