Primary Arms has a winner with the combination of cost, features and quality of this rifle scope.  | Kim Quintin photo

Primary Arms rifle scope delivers on promises

Late in 2016, I came across an interesting rifle scope from Primary Arms. It was the 4 – 14 x 44 First Focal Plane scope with Orion reticle for rifles chambered in .308, .223, or 30-06 Springfield cartridges. What caught my eye was the combination of first focal plan, bullet drop reticle, a target measuring […] Read more

The Fujifilm XP90 is ideal for outdoor adventures where an expensive camera could be at risk.  |  Kim Quintin photo

Waterproof camera designed for rugged outdoor use

Most people today seem to take photographs with their cellphones. They are commonplace, have decent cameras and are easy to use. However, there are outdoor occasions that are not safe for cellphones. Adverse weather and backcountry environments can permanently damage these devices even when inside their protective shells. The outdoor photography niche is still well-served […] Read more

Upon first viewing and holding the knife, I knew its design was special. Even the polished wood handle felt warm.
 | Kim Quintin photo

Grohmann Canadian Belt Knife’s unusual design is efficient

One knife that caught my attention was the Canadian Belt Knife manufactured by Grohmann Knives out of Nova Scotia. As soon as I saw it, I knew a lot of thought went into its design with the aim of serving function. What makes this tool special is the leaf-shaped blade and narrowed handle. Most of […] Read more

Quality field watch makers like Momentum have a stainless steel case and back.  |  Kim Quintin photo

Good field watches available at reasonable cost

Analog wristwatches are be-coming less common with the growing popularity of cellphones. Although cellphones can provide the same or more features for less demanding outdoor adventures, a good wristwatch remains useful for harder outdoor pursuits. However, finding the right watch when faced with the large number of manufacturers and models available can be difficult. Basic […] Read more

There is satisfaction in making something with your own hands. Reloading your own cartridge allows more control over the characteristics of each bullet.  |  Kim Quintin photo

It makes economical sense to reload firearm cartridges

Reloading cartridges for your firearms can be a financially rewarding and personally satisfying effort. Reloading is the process by which you assemble your own firearm cartridges from the components of projectile, propellant powder, primer and casing. Rifle cartridges comprise a bullet, smokeless powder, primer and metallic case. Brass is a common metal for rifle cases. […] Read more

Choosing the right knife for the job is as important as keeping within your budget.  |  Kim Quintin photo

User friendly knife increases safety, makes tasks easier

It is easy for the average person to be intimidated or overwhelmed by the countless knives that are on the market. It is possible to cut through it all with some simple guidelines. Determine first what the knife will be used for. Will the knife be used for daily cutting tasks, in the kitchen or […] Read more

The Swedish FireKnife is good value at $40.  |  Kim Quintin photo

Swedish FireKnife makes a solid bush-crafting tool

As a knife and outdoor enthusiast, I am constantly on the lookout for interesting, quality products that suit both passions. The Swedish FireKnife is a collaboration between the companies Light My Fire and Mora in Sweden, which makes it an interesting item for me. The blade is made from Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel. It is […] Read more

Benchmade 940-1: quality everyday knife worth the price

One of my favorite knives for everyday carry has been a Benchmade 940-1. It was designed by custom knife maker Warren Osborne and is manufactured in Oregon City, Oregon. The blade is less than nine centimetres long and made from S90V stainless steel. It has a reverse tanto tip and stonewash finish. S90V stainless steel […] Read more

The Spot head lamp is comfortable and lightweight at only 90 grams.  |  Kim Quintin photo

The Spot head lamp lights the way

Few things are as important as a good source of illumination when it comes to being outside from dusk to dawn. Head lamps have become my first choice for personal light, and the Spot model manufactured Black Diamond Gear has performed well for me. This head lamp can produce light up to 130 lumens and […] Read more

In this podcast, Rod Peel and Kim Quintin talk about gear and places for camping, fishing, and hunting. | Kim Quintin photo

Outdoor Pursuits podcast – Cold Steel and Kershaw tomahawks

In the Outdoor Pursuits podcast series Rod Peel and Kim Quintin cover the gear and skills used for camping, fishing, and hunting. This second episode is about Cold Steel and Kershaw tomahawks. We are interested in your feedback, so please share your thoughts about how we can make our future podcasts interesting and successful. Click […] Read more