A small but frothy picture of your supply chain

There was lots of hardcore grain transportation and logistics talk at last week’s Canadian Global Crops Symposium, a brand new conference organized by the Canada Grains Council.

But some of the most interesting content was softer, lighter, information about long-range agricultural outlooks and about just what makes our crops so successful in world markets.

I heard some of what Sapporo Breweries Dr. Kensuke Ogushi said about why his company is such a loyal buyer of Canadian barley, and at lunch on Tuesday I sat with Lorelle Selinger of Prairie Malt, and it turns out she’s one of the malt barley marketers who works directly with Sapporo. So I got then to sit down together and tell us on video a little bit about a Japanese brewery and Canada’s malting barley industry and Prairie farmers are connected.

It also gave me the excuse to buy two cans of Sapporo this weekend and throw together this light, frothy video about the subject.

Check it out.



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