CWB urges farmers to market grain early

Prairie farmers are expected to harvest a large crop this year, but protein levels will be lower than average and getting the crop to market could be a challenge.

CWB pooling manager Dave Przednowek says this year’s large crop will put greater pressure on the logistical system.

“The large size of this year’s crop means that export capacity is at a premium,” Przednowek said in the latest edition of the CWB’s online publication Grainwaves.

“This year the capacity of the grain handling system is going to be very constrained….”

With a big crop coming, farmers should line up delivery opportunities early.

“With a very big crop coming, delivery opportunity is going to be key this year, so I’d suggest to farmers to line up delivery opportunity now with the elevator that they want to deliver CWB pool tonnes to,” he said.

“And also, watch out for grade and protein discounts.”

Although it is still early, the industry is anticipating a wheat crop with well above average yields and well below normal protein levels.

“This year, yields are generally coming in above to well above average, and that means wheat and durum protein levels are going to be well below average,” said Prezednowek.

“That being said, we’ve been watching crop quality closely, and our sales mix will fit well with what this crop is shaping up to look like, with opportunities to ship spring wheat for all the ranges of protein and grade that we’re seeing….”

The Canadian Grain Commission is continuing to collect grain samples through its annual Harvest Sample Program.

Program manager Twylla McKendry said the first report of the 2013-14 crop year would be available soon and would give the industry its first official glimpse of wheat quality and protein values.

“I’m hoping to release our first reports next week,” McKendry said in a Sept. 11 email.

As of Sept. 11, the harvest sample program had received 150 CWRS samples, 50 CWAD and 61 CWRW.

The full text of Przednowek’s comments can be viewed on the CWB website at

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