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Cash advance

I have a few words of enlightenment for Louise Waldman, a spokesperson for the Canadian Wheat Board, and Terry Boehm of the National Farmers Union regarding the CWB administration of the cash advance program.

First we must bear in mind that it was a federal government program, not a CWB program.

A number of years ago I took out a cash advance on feed barley. When I was ready to repay the advance, the CWB wanted repayment with grain, not cash. At that particular time, the CWB barley price was 10 percent lower than the open market price. The amount of the advance was $35,000.

Guess what? If I insisted on cash repayment, the CWB was going to charge me a 10 percent penalty. That little rule cost me $3,500.

Roger Brandl,Fort St. John, B.C.

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