Companion animals

Concerning the article, “Horse breeding industry faces crisis” (WP,Aug. 26), as tears welled up in the eyes of breeder Betty Coulthard, I

suspect that it was for the money that she lost and not for any remorse for the brutal, horrific slaughterhouse death that awaited the two loads of healthy young mares.

Shame on this “industry” that considers these sentient, sensitive creatures livestock. Horses are companion animals and should not be routinely shipped to slaughter just because they have been overbred by irresponsible, greedy people.

She knows that out of 100 that she is responsible for putting on this earth, 98 will be wasted. That is 98 living, breathing, innocent creatures….

I guess we are not dealing with rocket scientists here, but it would seem to be a good idea to save herself some money and crocodile tears by breeding fewer doomed horses.…

Lin Otherlyn,

Grand Rapids, Michigan

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